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Does your mattress need cleaning?

Jumping into your bed after a long day may feel satisfying but you bring more than just your tired self to your mattress. Over time, your mattress gathers sweat, dirt, hair and dust that may lead to germ and virus build-up. When it comes to the right bed hygiene, changing sheets isn’t enough! Impurities and harmful microorganisms can lead to a disturbed bedtime and trigger skin allergies, Asthma or Eczema. Stop sleeping on these problems your mattress might have! Book a professional mattress cleaning and sanitization service with us today!

We’ve got your back!

Clean mattress = improved sleep quality. Don’t trust that? Here’s a fact- on average, a human spends 1/3rd of his life in bed. Isn’t that enough time to catch possible infections? Do the thing! Reach us for a professional deep cleaning and sanitization of your mattress.

The best-in-class treatment

Your mattress is an expensive investment and we understand that 100 percent. We make sure the technology or cleaning process we use has no ill effects on your mattress. We use UV light technology to get rid of the pathogens that are embedded deep inside and our cleaning agents are food-grade and child and pet-friendly.

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Why do you need mattress cleaning?
  • Your mattress is a hotbed for all kinds of germs and mites including Bugs, Stains and Dead Skin Cells. Dubai’s indoor air circulation makes your home even more vulnerable to all kinds of pest attacks.
  • Lack of space, good ventilation and lack of resources makes mattress cleaning an inconvenient task, Trained professionals at Tanziif provide mattress cleaning at an affordable price.
How it Works?
  • Stage 1 : A specially engineered mattress cleaning equipment is used to clean the mattress.
  • Stage 2: A high power vacuum cleaner is then used to trap 99% of the dust and also kill the bacteria, mites, and other viruses present in the mattress.
  • Stage 3: This is done in case the mattress has any spots or stains. A spot lifter is sprayed onto the mattress to lift the stain and clean it. The hot water extraction process is then done to remove the stain.
  • Stage 4: A non-chemical disinfectant is sprayed on the mattress to kill the bacteria and disinfect the mattress. This is a non-scented disinfectant and can neutralize any odor on the mattress. It is safe on textiles and can kill even microorganisms like H5N1, SARS, and Herpes.
  • Stage 5: We use a special UV sanitization machine which is the equivalent of sunning your mattress out for a full 48 hours. The UV light is effective upto 40 cm. This process helps in preventing growth of living organisms & bacteria in your mattress eliminating them immediately. The entire process is done on both sides of the mattress even when the mattress is on the bed. Undertaking the mattress cleaning periodically ensures that your mattress is not only clean but also improve the overall indoor air quality.



Price (AED)

Ramadan Price (AED)

  • Apartment


Price (AED)

Ramadan Price (AED)

  • California King
  • King
  • Queen
  • Double
  • Single
  • Crib
  • 350
  • 300
  • 250
  • 250
  • 200
  • 150
  • 175
  • 150
  • 125
  • 125
  • 100
  • 75
Benefits of Mattress Cleaning Services
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Easier Breathimg
  • Boots Immune system
  • Allergy & asthma relief
  • Bacteria free environment

Our Cleaning Process

We are a certified professional cleaning company and offer mattress cleaning and sanitization services that are eco-friendly and chemical-free.

There’s minimal drying time required after the process and we ensure your mattress exudes no chemical or unpleasant odour. We use steam cleaning and UV sanitization light with industrial-grade equipment to prevent the growth of harmful living organisms in the mattress.

Why Choose Us

We are NADCA Certified

We are Certified

All our technicians are properly trained & certified

Safety First

Safety First

Before the team executes the job, a standard safety check & briefing are a standard protocol

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The team at Tanziif has more than 10+ years of experience in the GCC region

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

We have a 30 point detailed checklist to ensure that we don’t miss a thing, and our team contacts you well in advance for your next service

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