Know Why Dirty Kitchen Exhausts Are A Common Reason For Kitchen Fires!

Know Why Dirty Kitchen Exhausts Are A Common Reason For Kitchen Fires!

Kitchen exhausts are an integral part of commercial kitchens, as they effectively remove pollutants from enclosed spaces. A kitchen exhaust system also comprises an inlet duct that supplies fresh air from the outside. Without a kitchen exhaust, the air inside will become heavily polluted with toxic fumes and grease from cooking. This will make it nearly impossible for people to work in that space. Kitchen exhausts also prevent the accumulation of grease and grime, which can be a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms.

Kitchen exhausts – a major fire hazard

For kitchen exhausts to work effectively, they need professional cleaning at regular intervals. The inbuilt filters and duct will continue to accumulate grease and other particles, thereby reducing its efficiency. Unclean kitchen exhausts are also a major fire hazard, as they have all the three elements of fire – air (oxygen), cooking (heat/ignition), and grease and oil (fuel). This is referred to as the Fire Triangle. Surveys conducted at the global level reveal that fires in commercial kitchens often start in the exhaust system. Kitchen exhaust duct fires can reach temperatures as high as 1,000°C and spread rapidly to other parts of the building. As insurance does not cover losses related to fires caused by unclean kitchen exhausts, many restaurants never reopen after a fire event.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Professional cleaning is a must

The good thing to know is that fires caused by kitchen exhausts can be easily avoided by following recommended usage guidelines. Air (oxygen) and cooking (heat/ignition) will always be present, so to break the Fire Triangle, the focus should be on professional cleaning of kitchen exhausts at regular intervals.

How Tanziif can help?

Tanziif can help you with your commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, as it is a leading provider of commercial cleaning services in the GCC region. Tanziif is NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified and has more than 8 years of progressive experience in all types of commercial cleaning including kitchen exhaust cleaning. Here’s how you can benefit from Tanziif’s best-in-class kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

  • NFPA approved processes: Tanziif follows NFPA guidelines for de-greasing, deep cleaning and sanitization of kitchen exhaust systems including components such as hoods, filters, baffles, fans and ducting. This ensures effective cleaning of kitchen exhausts without the risk of any damage.
  • Approved food-grade chemicals: Tanziif utilizes only food-grade chemicals approved by the Dubai Municipality. This ensures that Tanziif’s own personnel and people working in the kitchen will not be exposed to dangerous chemicals.
  • Periodic inspection: Tanziif will carry out periodic inspections to ensure that your kitchen exhaust meets fire safety standards at all times.
  • Technical report: You will be provided with a report on the current status of the kitchen exhaust. If cleaning is required, a quote for the job will be included in the report.

Kitchen exhaust fires have known to cause extensive damage and in many cases, such fires have spread to other parts of the building. It’s not a risk worth taking, as both property and lives are at stake. To ensure that your kitchen exhaust works efficiently and avoid related fire hazards, it’s recommended that you get in touch with Tanziif.

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  • Shammy P
    March 24, 2022, 4:26 am Reply

    I found it helpful when you said that professional cleaning at regular intervals is needed in order for kitchen exhausts to effectively work. With this in mind, I would assume that restaurant owners must consider hiring a professional exhaust cleaning service. I could imagine how a clean exhaust system could ensure that a fire incident won’t be a problem.

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