7 germ hotspots that usually get neglected while daily cleaning

7 germ hotspots that usually get neglected while daily cleaning

Most of the people invest wholeheartedly in keeping their homes spotless and clean. The washrooms and kitchen stand out enough to be noticed with regards to cleaning, however, does all that time scouring, sparkling, cleaning and clearing indeed have any effect with regards to warding off germs? 

Also, would we say we are investing an excess of energy cleaning explicit territories of the house yet dismissing different regions where germs sneak much more? There are many other places in our house which we forget to clean, and it leads to numerous health problems like allergies, infections and breathing problems. These diseases include Asthma, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, Sarcoidosis, and some Cold-like symptoms and maybe Hoarseness.


1. Kitchen Corners

Microscopic organisms from leftover meat and different articles can spread to ledges, so spotless altogether. To spare joints, you can divide your work equally. Clean the dishes before cooking and then once after cooking or during the end of the meal.

2. Bathroom Door Handles and Fixtures

This incorporates latrine seats and handles, and sink apparatuses, light switches, and bathroom door handle. Clean them consistently with the help of a disinfectant, so that those germs do not spread throughout the home.

3. Fridge

A place where we all store our food is one of the spots where you can find many germs and bacteria hiding. You should regularly clean up your fridge as well as it handles because many germs hide over that place also.

4. Floor

The floor is the most favorable spot for the germs. We all can get infected by the germs present on the floor of our house. To get rid of this, we should properly clean the floor at least two times a day not only with pure water but using the disinfectant with it, so that the germs get killed instantly.

5. Carpet Cleaning

We all have a doormat which we use to dust off our footwear. But we have no idea how a million germs stay in that place. We cannot neglect that place while cleaning our house, because the dust particles, as well as germs, mix over there, and that can be a reason for numerous diseases. While cleaning the carpets, we should be careful that it is being cleaned outside by hitting the mat with a cloth, so that all the dust particles and germs get rid of the carpet.

6. Kitchen Sponges

Recently a study was conducted that showed there is a higher number of germs on the kitchen sponge than the toilet seat. So you should be very careful and use cleaner while washing it.

7. Remotes

It doesn’t matter whether it is your bedroom or living room; remote controls can turn into a residue and germ magnet. Utilize a disinfectant and wipe it day by day, and make sure to get between the keys of the remote.

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