Tidy Up Your Space For The Festivities. Here’s Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist!

Tidy Up Your Space For The Festivities. Here’s Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist!

As the holiday season is around the corner, most of us are busy preparing for the festivities ahead. There’s fun and excitement in the air and homes are witnessing a flurry of activities, as we all prepare to welcome visitors for the celebrations. Amidst all the exciting things, the one task that most people find overwhelming is holiday cleaning. It’s a tedious and seemingly unrewarding job that everyone likes to avoid.

Nonetheless, holiday cleaning can’t be postponed indefinitely, as it is necessary to maintain a healthy environment in your home. You will have visitors including your friends, relatives and colleagues, come over so you cannot afford to take home cleaning for granted. An unclean home will not only create a negative impression on your guests, but it can also expose them to various health risks.

Here is your step-by-step guide to prepare your house for the festive season. Keep this handy checklist to simplify your holiday cleaning and achieve effective results in the shortest possible time.

One room at a time: By focusing on individual rooms, you can effectively divide the entire cleaning task into smaller, achievable goals. If you start cleaning the entire house in one go, it is likely to tire you out. It will also be quite chaotic and may prove inconvenient to your family members. Start with the room farthest from the entrance and proceed in the same manner until all rooms have been cleaned. 

Start decluttering: Your first objective should be to only keep the essential things and remove the unnecessary stuff. For example, if your desk is piled up with stuff that isn’t required, you need to pick them and dispose of them. The basic idea is to remove all the stuff that may give an unorganized appearance to your room. Once you have decluttered your home, it would be much easier to begin the cleaning process. 

Top-to-down approach: Start with the ceiling, then the walls, windows, doors and lastly the floors. If possible, remove any furniture or other items before you start cleaning a room. Floor accessories such as carpets also need to be removed. Once the dusting is over, you can use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to clean the floor area. This will help achieve deep cleaning and also reduce the time and effort needed. 

Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom: Studies have shown that kitchen and bathroom face maximum risk of contamination by harmful pathogens. So, it would be better to be more focused when cleaning these spaces. In the kitchen, you should thoroughly clean all cooking surfaces, preferably with an anti-germ cleaner. Follow the same process for your refrigerator, appliances and other items in the kitchen. Bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned with stain removers and anti-germ cleaners. 

If you find it difficult to carry out such extensive cleaning on your own, you need to approach a professional cleaning company. Tanziif can help you with your holiday cleaning, as it is a leading provider of residential and commercial cleaning services in UAE and the entire GCC region. You can have complete peace of mind with Tanziif, as it is NADCA certified and approved by Dubai Municipality. 

Holiday cleaning will give your home a sparkling makeover which is bound to lift your mood and add to the fun and excitement. It will also ensure that your celebrations are conducted in a healthy environment, free from all types of harmful stuff including dangerous bacteria, viruses and allergens. Holidays are fast approaching, so better call Tanziif as soon as possible to enjoy the festivities best.

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