Are DIY methods safe when it comes to mold removal?

Are DIY methods safe when it comes to mold removal?

If the space you are living in isn’t well ventilated, there are high chances of it being infested by mold. Mold usually grows in areas with high humidity, like Dubai, and can prove to be harmful for indoor air, and your health.

Poor quality of air can adversely affect your health. It can affect your respiratory system, resulting in aggravated asthmatic issues, causing the shortness of breathing cycle, and other associated respiratory disorders. This will further leads to the damaging of the heart and affecting the cardiovascular system as well. If you breathe-in polluted or mold-infested air for a prolonged period of time, it can cause severe health issues. 

Some of the DIY methods to remove mold are: 

1-Tea Tree Oil and Vinegar: Tea Tree Oil, when combined with distilled vinegar, is one such DIY technique that can help in getting rid of molds. However, it isn’t a very reliable technique as there isn’t a guarantee of the molds being cleared out entirely. Also, your pets might get affected by Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil’s solution. 

2-Baking Soda: Although baking soda is another DIY method that is safe for your pets as well as for your family members and kills the molds as well, it cannot be regarded as the most reliable method. The very reason is clearing the molds with baking soda doesn’t guarantee that your home is safe from mold infestation now. 

3-Hydrogen Peroxide: This chemical is used extensively in the removal of molds from the indoors. However, once you have sprayed the areas with Hydrogen Peroxide that is affected by molds, you will have to wipe out the solution with the help of a microfiber cloth later. This could get you in direct contact with the mold and can severely affect your health as well.  

Just getting rid of the mold isn’t going to be enough. You need to make sure that they don’t infest your home once again. You might have to get rid of some of the stuff that might be affected by mold as well. Also, make sure to identify the source of an increase in the level of moisture level in your home and let the professionals deal with the situation and fix it. 

As a matter of fact, the DIY techniques of cleaning mold from the household seem like a non-feasible option; it should instead be left for the professionals to deal with. When you hire the experts to get the cleaning work done, they take in all the safety measures before conducting the procedure. And thus, that wouldn’t prevent causing any harm to your health. Also, the professionals know their job better and get the mold cleaning work done efficiently.

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