Here’s why you should call in professional cleaners to get your carpet and upholstery cleaned

Here’s why you should call in professional cleaners to get your carpet and upholstery cleaned

Do you have kids and pets at home? Then you know that your upholstery and carpet do more work than usual. You may often come across food crumbs, dust and stains which are very hard to remove. 

Carpets gather up to 80% of the dirt and dust, which can’t be removed by normal household cleaning. And with kids and pets at home, it becomes even more important to keep the carpet and sofa clean because that is where most of the time is spent, isn’t it? 

This is where we come in picture! We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services that take care of all your cleaning needs, so that your living room does not become a breeding ground for bacteria.  

Here, are some of the measures that we take while cleaning:

  • Use of professional vacuum cleaners to remove even the smallest speck of dust
  • Use of child and pet friendly chemicals for removal of the spots 
  • To prevent matting, we ensure the plating of the carpets
  • Through the cleaning process, our cleaning technicians take quality care of the fabric of the carpet 

We clean your carpet and upholstery fabric naturally:

With us, you do not have to worry about the chemicals used for cleaning because we make use of patented products that won’t leave behind sticky residues after the cleaning job is done. The products that we make use of for cleaning your upholstery fabric and carpet are completely natural, eco-friendly, and green-certified. 

We take care of the stains

Have spillage stains on your sofa? We are here for your rescue! We make sure that protection is applied to your carpet as well as your upholstery fabric, to protect them from getting damaged after our cleaning job is done. 

Think you require a cleaning service? We are a call away!

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