Explained! Know The Difference Between Disinfection, Sterilization & Sanitization

Explained! Know The Difference Between Disinfection, Sterilization & Sanitization

As nations across the globe fight the scourge of coronavirus pandemic, services like sanitization, disinfection and sterilization have become a mandate. In the UAE, the government has recently extended its disinfection and sterilization programme to continue 24 hours a day

Since there is no proven medicine or vaccine to counter this virus yet, services like sanitization, disinfection and sterilization have become our primary defense against the virus. But do you know what these terms imply and how they are relevant to counter the spread of the virus? Let’s examine them closely and ascertain the difference between them. 

Sanitization: This involves the use of special and milder chemicals that reduce the number of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens on the targeted surface. Sanitizing is best for surfaces that don’t typically come into contact with seriously dangerous bacteria and virus. It is idol for homes where the contact with virus is minimal. Sanitization products are designed for quick action, which makes them appropriate for the current situation. The chemicals that are used in the sanitization procedure should be Dubai Municipality approved so that they don’t affect the health of the occupants of a space. 

This is why everyone has been advised to use sanitizers for good hand hygiene. Dubai Municipality is actively ensuring an adequate supply of hand sanitizers. 

Disinfection: One of the most effective ways to curb the spread of Coronavirus is to disinfect frequently touched surfaces. This involves the use of stronger chemicals that can target and eliminate bacteria and viruses in a more effective manner in comparison to sanitization, because it kills the bacteria on the surface. However, as compared to sanitization, disinfection usually requires stronger chemicals, and a process time. Disinfectants are typically used by trained professionals who use specialized tools and techniques to disinfect the targeted object or area.

Sterilization: This process involves the use of specialized chemicals as well as heat and pressure to completely decontaminate an object or targeted area. Just like disinfection, sterilization is carried out by trained professionals. Sterilization guarantees 99.99% removal of pathogens, virus and bacteria from the targeted site. To keep a check on coronavirus spread, the government is currently undertaking large scale sterilization of all the roads and streets in Dubai. 

Now that you understand the different, you will know why these services are being extensively used by the government. This is a part of the comprehensive plan to disinfect utilities and public places with the use of the latest technology. Advanced spraying devices, drones, customized vehicles and other specialized equipment are being used for carrying out the sterilization campaign. The government has assured the general public that the sterilization drive is completely safe for humans and complies with global standards for safety and effectiveness. All globally benchmarked safety guidelines for selection and mixing of chemicals are being implemented for the sterilization drive. Active ingredients being used have been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), Antimicrobial Chemicals Centre (CBC) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To secure your business/ home against the coronavirus, get Dubai Municipality approved disinfection, sanitization and sterilization services at affordable prices by Tanziif. 

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