Wait! Don’t switch on your HVAC before you give this a read.

Wait! Don’t switch on your HVAC before you give this a read.

It is getting hotter, and all of us have the urge to switch on our HVACs, but let’s wait before we do that! 

Amid staying safe indoors, sanitizing our hands, and scrolling through all the news, we have all forgotten about one of the most important things in our homes that need cleaning – HVAC ducts. Over time, our HVAC ducts get clogged and become home to illness-causing germs and viruses, which contaminate our indoor air and increase the chances of various infections and impact our immunity. 

So, before the temperature rises and it gets hot enough to make you grab the remote and turn your AC on, make sure you get the air ducts of your AC professionally cleaned. The only way to get pure cool air is to make sure the ducts are cleaned. 

See this sign? Don’t delay your HVAC cleaning anymore! 

Poor indoor air leads to many health-related problems in the long run and it also affects your health in the subtle ways which you may have ignored. Watery/itchy eyes is the most common symptom of poor indoor air among others. If you’re experiencing itchy/watery eyes then we suggest you book an appointment for professional HVAC cleaning today itself! 

Wait! Don’t switch on your HVAC before you give this a read. 

Why does indoor air quality matter? 

Because viruses and bacteria have a lot in common – they both spread through the air! 

Even before coronavirus affected our lives, contaminated air and poor indoor air quality has been linked to higher illness rates, and lower immunity levels. Poor indoor quality results in respiratory illness, due to long exposure to particulate matter. And now that we know that our best defence against the virus is our very own immune system, we can’t afford to risk our immunity can we? 

So, as we spend more and more of our time indoors, professional deep cleaning and disinfection of your HVAC has become more important now than ever. 

To help you understand why professional cleaning help is so important, we’re listing down a few reasons: 

1. Improves the indoor air quality: 

When your air conditioner is pushing air indoors through the ventilation system, it is ubiquitous that the bacteria, viruses, allergens, mildew, mold, contaminants, and pollutants are easily pushed along with them. This contaminates the quality of air. Although the ventilators and the ductwork systems do use filters, it is not easy for them to catch the pollutants when they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professional cleaners to get the thorough cleaning of your HVAC/air ducts done. 

2. Better for your health 

Your health will be automatically improved if you make sure that indoor air quality is maintained. This can be easily achieved through regular cleaning and maintenance of your air ducts. In a home, several factors like tobacco smoke, radon, mold, and cooking fumes from the ducts in the kitchen can affect the indoor air quality. These pollutants often get stuck in the HVAC systems. 

When the dust particles and mold spores invade your residence, the quality of living automatically deteriorates, and starts affecting your immune system and causes respiratory problems. 

3. Comfortable temperatures can be maintained: 

Clogged ducts adversely affect the performance of HVACs and their cooling or heating mechanisms. So don’t just stay indoors, stay indoors…comfortably! 

The solution 

To maintain your air ducts well and keep them clean, it is important to get professional help for disinfection and deep cleaning. And what better than hiring NADCA certified and Dubai Municipality approved experts? 

We at Tanziif work towards the effective removal of dust blocks and debris to ensure effective cleaning of your HVAC ducts. We help to improve the quality of your indoor air without leaving any chemical odor or residue into your living surroundings. We use Dubai Municipality approved food-grade cleaning chemicals that allow you to use your AC in a couple of hours after the service is being done. 

Thinking it would cost you an arm and a leg to get professional services done? We got you! We are currently offering 2 for 1 where you can get disinfection service free with every service visit on booking annual maintenance contract (AMC) of your HVAC.

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