Why you must address poor indoor quality during COVID-19?

Why you must address poor indoor quality during COVID-19?

With all of us spending a lot of our time at home due to the COVID 19, it is more important now than ever to keep our home clean and dirt-free while keeping the indoor air quality (IAQ) impeccable. 

Despite the fact that every one of us should be considerate of the quality of our indoor air, it becomes essential to keep a close check on IAQ especially when you have certain health problems such as:

1 Diabetes

2 Heart Problems

3 Asthma

4 Lung Diseases

5 Chronic skin problems

If you happen to have any of the above-mentioned health issues then you must pay extra attention to the indoor air quality.

Why does your indoor air quality get bad?

1-Clogged Vents:

Clogged vents can lead to the bad air being circulated within your premise. With filtered air failing to reach your rooms, you might be breathing in the same air you are exhaling along with the contaminants. If you fail to detect the problem with your vents being clogged, getting professional help is recommended. 

2-Dirty or Clogged Air Ducts:

Your air conditioning unit has a duct system that takes the air from the central unit to and fro from different parts of your house. Given the fact that these ducts are hidden from your eyes, you might not notice that they tend to get dirty or even clogged with time. With dirt and moisture within the ducts, there could be a surplus growth of mold and mildew inside. The spores might travel into the room with the air and affect your health in a depreciative way. 

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it is critical that you seek help from experienced professionals like Tanziif for an in-depth professional HVAC Cleaning. Periodic cleaning of your AC vents is extremely important especially before the onset of summer. With constant dust storms, dander & dust in the air, chances of all this dirt settling into your AC Ducts are very high.

Why is thorough air duct cleaning important?

Apart from providing you clean and good-to-breathe air, regular air duct cleaning can help you with:

  • The longevity of the air conditioning unit and ducts
  • Reduces excessive power consumption due to clogged ducts
  • Ensures thorough spread of fresh air throughout your home

Here are a few reasons for you to address your home air quality especially during the viral outbreak:

1-Better Immunity:

With the air quality getting better inside your house, your lungs get a chance to invest in high-quality oxygen. The higher oxygen amount in your body can help your body organs function in a better way with enhanced immunity to infections. 

So, in short, better indoor air quality means better immunity.

2-Get Rid of VOCs:

If you weren’t aware of the fact, let us lay it down for you. Your furniture emits VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. These organic chemicals found in your furniture material are set under a high amount of vapor pressure that tends to release at room temperature. 

These VOCs, although in a small amount, can pile up with time and lead to health hazards. This can also lead to your immune system going down the drain. 

3-Aggravated Health Issues:

If you are someone with existing lung problems, breathing issues, or any other health condition, it is important for you to keep your indoor air as clean as possible. Bad air inside your room can fatally aggravate your condition and lead to unforeseen circumstances with regard to health. To avoid this from happening, the only possible option is to get your air ducts cleaned up properly.

4-High Energy Levels:

With an indoor atmosphere that is neat, clean, and packed with fresh air, you will experience an inflow of energy. It is similar to being in the mountains or jungle with no modern-day pollution to take charge of your health. You will accomplish your daily tasks faster and better as opposed to being in a space that is packed with pollutants. 


Considering the fact that you might have to stay indoors due to the current pandemic, it is extremely important to pay attention to the quality of your indoor air quality. You can choose to seek professional help from Tanziif to ensure good indoor air quality for you & your loved ones.

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