Looking to Re-Open Your Office? Poor Air Quality in the Workspace Can Affect the Productivity of Your Employees

Looking to Re-Open Your Office? Poor Air Quality in the Workspace Can Affect the Productivity of Your Employees

The pandemic slowed down our lives and the economy, but now it’s time to regain control. As the government eases restrictions and you get ready to reopen your offices, you should look at adapting preventive measures to ensure safety for your employees. 

Follow the guidelines below to restart your business in full-throttle. 

How does poor air quality affect productivity?

A major reason for poor air quality within your workspace is a poorly maintained air conditioning system. Your air conditioner is just like the lungs of your body. The healthier it is, the healthier you feel. 

Another reason that can play an important role in the deterioration of your indoor is Mold. Watch out for mold formation in corners & areas that are not visible to the naked eye with the help of professional cleaning service providers. 

Here are some issues that stem from poor air quality.



With a lack of proper oxygen circulation throughout the office space, your employees might experience mild to serious headaches. This usually occurs when there is dirt accumulated within the system leading to improper circulation of air. To curb this, it is important that the entire system is thoroughly cleaned by professional service providers. 


Allergens can easily take shelter in your air conditioning system and lead to frequent sneezes, eye redness, or even drastic skin allergy all over your body. To make sure these allergens do not circulate throughout, it is imperative that you get the AC ducts cleaned with the help of reliable service providers that uses the right equipment and cleaning agents. 

3-Longer Sick Leaves:

With dirt, dust, bacteria, or allergens being a part of your indoor air, you can surely expect a stream of mail flowing in to ask for sick leaves. This directly hampers the overall productivity at your workplace. So, what is the best move here?

Given the fact that offices experience an inflow of a larger number of people, it obviously leads to a bigger chance of contaminants entering your premise. The best way to deal with the same is to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. This should ideally be done once every quarter for your office especially before the onset of summer where usage is higher.


The key to keep a perfect balance between your health and the economy is to ensure that you do not neglect the critical requirements. 

Its essential now more than ever to pay greater attention to your indoor air quality. Don’t neglect the regular maintenance of your AC ducts and make sure you get the experts to take care of it. 

Tanziif provides professional HVAC/Air ducts cleaning and sends a highly efficient team of technicians to your place for the procedure. You can book a free inspection with Tanziif today!

 Keeping the health of yourself and your employees at optimum is critical. Today, more than ever, it is important to be vigilant towards your health while taking care of your livelihood.

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