Don’t just disinfect the indoor surfaces, but disinfect the indoor air too. Find out how.

Don’t just disinfect the indoor surfaces, but disinfect the indoor air too. Find out how.

Pandemic or basic infection, health is something you should never neglect. Even the smallest negligence can later turn into a nightmare for you. While social distancing and proper sanitization is the norm for anyone going out, you also need to be careful indoors. Mere disinfecting the indoor surfaces won’t cut the deal.

The virus is unseen to the naked eyes. You never know which corner of your house is serving as a breeding ground for these health hazards. While you can surely wipe out the surfaces, it is just as important to keep the indoor air clean and healthy for the residents. Maybe you are strong and immune enough to handle the virus. But, the story isn’t the same for someone with compromised immunity or someone who had a medical history. This is why it is critical to ensure that your indoor air is just as clean as the indoor surfaces.

But, how can you do that?

To answer this, we need to understand the prime causes that allow the entry of contaminants into your indoor environment. 

Air Conditioning System Maintenance for Indoor Air Disinfection

One of the prime ways in which your indoor air can get contaminated is through the air conditioning duct that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained for a long time. Keep in mind that your air conditioning system circulates the same air from one corner to another to keep the premise to your desired temperature.

This can aid in the easy transfer of the virus or other contaminants from one room to another. What is invisible to the eyes is seldom cared for. Such is the story for your air ducts. Given the fact that they are hidden to ensure that your home doesn’t look unappealing, they are seldom given any attention.

The environment within the air duct is perfect for germs, bacteria, fungus, or other contaminants to take shelter and thrive. With lack of proper cleaning and maintenance, the ducts start accumulating dust and dirt paired with moisture that is being removed constantly from your space. 

Another reason that can affect the quality of your indoor air quality heavily is – mold. Mold generally forms in the corners of areas such as kitchen sinks, bathroom walls, etc. 

Both the above-mentioned reasons can degrade the quality of your indoor air real quick, therefore it is wise to stop the hide n’ seek with the germs and get an inspection of your space. 

So, how can you ensure that your indoor air is clean and contaminant-free?

  • First, start looking for signs that suggest your air duct needs cleaning
  • Note whether your AC has been cooling slightly less than before
  • Also, check whether any of the residents of your house has been experiencing allergic symptoms
  • In case this is true, look for a reliable AC cleaning and maintenance service provider 


Apart from this, you can also invest in indoor air treatment solutions that have recently emerged in the market given the COVID pandemic and the need for sterilization. But make sure your air conditioning system is maintained on a regular basis to avoid an environment that gives birth to contaminants. Tanziif is your go-to place for the best professional cleaning services in town. We will provide you with NADCA certified technicians who will carry out the cleaning procedure smoothly. Book a free inspection of your IAQ with us today!

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