Common mistakes you make that can degrade your indoor air quality (IAQ)

Common mistakes you make that can degrade your indoor air quality (IAQ)

Hearing the term- IAQ for the first time? Read on to know more and learn how it’s so vital to our well-being today.

The quality of air around and within buildings or other structures is called the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It has an important role in determining the comfort and health of the occupants of a building. Residing in a space with poor IAQ  is one of the leading causes of early onset of Asthma & other respiratory illnesses. Ensuring regular HVAC cleaning by hiring certified professionals will help you maintain good indoor air quality and help lead a healthier life. 

Here are some of the mistakes that you’re making and should avoid degrading the IAQ further

1.  Being ignorant to dust mites 

Every homeowner faces trouble with tiny bugs, dust mites who feed over the flakes of human skin. They reside in carpets, mattresses, bedcovers, fabric, stuffed toys, and pillows. Allergists have revealed that dust mites are the most common cause of allergy for patients who suffer from asthma. People having dust mite allergy will suffer all year round, unlike seasonal allergies. Removing dust mites from time to time by hiring a professional cleaning service is important to keep your home’s IAQ good and your health the best. 

2.   Not paying enough attention to your air ducts 

The leading cause of poor IAQ is dirty AC ducts. Before you switch on your air-conditioning unit, you should make sure to clean your HVAC duct. It is recommended to get your HVAC cleaned by certified professionals every 3 months. Thorough cleaning is recommended especially before the onset of summer. With the current pandemic situation, a lot of people are spending a lot of time indoors and therefore must pay attention to maintaining good indoor air quality. 

Watery eyes,  itchy & burning sensation are some of the common indicators of poor air quality indoors. Air ducts are the perfect breeding grounds for mold, allergens, dust, dander, germs etc. We must ensure that AC ducts are cleaned out in all indoor spaces including home, workspace, hospitals, schools, malls, etc. 

3. Using synthetic cleaning products excessively 

Not only do air fresheners carry VOCs, but it also has synthetically created fragrance. Most best-selling air fresheners, laundry products, personal care, and cleaning supplies products emit around 133 types of VOCs. And among them, 24 are considered hazardous or toxic, such as carcinogens formaldehyde, methylene chloride, and formaldehyde. Most importantly, there’s very little difference between the emission caused by these products and the “green products.” Whether it’s a school, mall, or your residence, instead of using these products to cover the odor, call a professional cleaning agency to take care of it. 


Now that you know, all such steps are only going to deteriorate the Indoor Air Quality; you should always take professional help to address this. Right from HVAC duct cleaning & mold cleaning, to sanitization & deep cleaning, professional cleaning companies like Tanziif take care of it all. Tanziif has a team of NADCA certified technicians who will ensure that good IAQ is restored in your home or workspace.

Ensuring a good IAQ has become very important these days, whether it is in school, malls, workspace, or your home. And why wouldn’t you invest in the wellbeing of your loved ones, when all these services come at affordable prices? To start with, you can book a FREE inspection with Tanziif.

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