Don’t sleep on the problems that your mattress may have. Know why you should book professional deep cleaning and sanitization for your mattress, sofa and carpet now!

Don’t sleep on the problems that your mattress may have. Know why you should book professional deep cleaning and sanitization for your mattress, sofa and carpet now!

After a long and exhausting day, we all tend to hop on to our bed or sofa to relax. But while you are taking a much-needed nap, do you realize that you are prone to catching an infection or a skin allergy? 

Several contaminants, such as dust mites and bacteria make their homes in your mattress, sofa and carpet and you might fail to notice those with your naked eye. Such contaminants are accumulated deep within pieces that are most likely not able to be removed by simple dusting and vacuuming, but rather require professionals who choose the right and most effective methods to clean and sanitize your sofas, mattresses and carpets. 

Mattress cleaning 

Did you know that on average a human spends around one-third of their life sleeping on their mattresses? A whopping 3.7 kilograms of dead skin flakes and 9 liters of sweat are accumulated in a mattress each year. 

Moreover, around 40% of children and one-third of adults of the UAE suffer from Allergic Rhinitis, a disease that is caused by micro-organisms and impurities such as bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, viruses, 

mold, and fungi and they might be lurking on your sofa/mattress. On average, around two million dust mites live in a mattress. 

For this reason, your mattress needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. They require appropriate care by professionals who use a range of Dubai Municipality approved chemicals along with procedures tailored to the type of mattress you have, all of which involve deep cleaning, germicidal UVC light sanitization and steam cleaning to eliminate approximately 99% of all undesirable substances. 

Sofa cleaning and disinfection 

Each time you lie back or rest on your couch, the dead skin flakes and hair cells drop out of your body and get deposited in your couch. The spilling of liquids and the falling of food crumbs will produce a variety of unpleasant odors and stains that cannot be easily removed by a plain damp cloth, many people tend to scrub their sofas by damp cloths using mild stain removers or soap water which seems to add to the present odor if not adequately washed. Loss in quality and stains is another big cause in case the couch isn’t well cared for. Deep and extensive cleaning of your couch will benefit in a variety of ways with the right professional help. 

Professional cleaners are the best solutions, with cost-effective options of getting deep cleaning & sanitization for your beloved couch whilst retaining the quality. 

Carpet cleaning 

Carpets are wonderful pieces to bring warmth to the house, but with gatherings, children and even pets you will certainly find food crumbs, stains, pet fur and dust settled into the carpet. This may be highly detrimental to anyone and everyone in the household, it is estimated that 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of small children suffer from allergies that are most likely to be triggered from the inside of your home. 

Standard cleaning such as dusting and vacuuming is not enough to make your carpet safe, but rather you need qualified cleaners like us at Tanziif. We use food-grade Dubai Municipality approved chemicals that are safe for children & pets along with industry-grade professional equipment that helps to get rid of dust, debris, stains and food crumbs. Our cleaning procedure is tailored to each and every carpet, based on the size and fabric, ensuring that the most effective techniques are used. 


Deep and thorough cleaning of your mattress, sofa and carpet is absolutely vital to minimize the chances of adverse health conditions such as asthma, allergies, eczema and morning fatigue amongst other illnesses. 

Hiring professionals can be ignored by most homeowners due to their cost, but such facilities utilize extremely reliable approaches coupled with special machinery and cleaning materials that maintain a sterile and healthy atmosphere with 99% of all allergens, pet hair, dust and skin flakes eliminated.

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