How is the fitness quotient of your home?

How is the fitness quotient of your home?

‘Health is wealth’ – a world-famous proverb concerning our health. A healthy body means the overall ability of the body to function well. Generally, people confuse good health with being free from any kind of illness. While it is true to some extent, it is not exactly what good health is all about. It incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of humans.

How is our health correlated to our home’s health?

We spend a large part of our day indoors and more so in the comfort of our homes. The health quotient of our home is directly correlated to our health and well-being. So lets talk about what makes our homes healthy.

Key elements to determine the fitness quotient of your home:

Of all the elements to ensure we are living a healthy life, the indoor air quality within our homes is by far one of the most important.

Indoor Air Quality:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality in and around our houses or buildings especially because it has a close connection with our health. The effects of indoor air pollutants range from short term effects like eye and throat irritation to long-term effects like respiratory diseases and cancer. 

To maintain good indoor air quality one must ensure that there is continuous flow of clean air circulating through the air conditioning system. With a majority of us living in homes with HVAC – A central AC system this means that we must invest in regular cleaning or PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance). As per NADCA guidelines the HVAC system in a home must be cleaned atleast twice a year. 

With all the pollutants in our homes ranging from smoke, dander, dust etc it is imperative that we get regular cleaning done especially before the onset of summer when the usage of AC is high.

A Clean Kitchen:

A clean and hygienically safe kitchen is definitely one of the important elements to determine the fitness quotient of your house. The areas where food is stored or prepared tend to generate more bacteria than any other place in the house. So, the kitchen, including some items like the chopping board, coffee maker, refrigerator, kitchen sink, and countertop, needs to be cleaned quite often.

Cleaning water tank frequently:

Water is the essence of life, so there is no doubt of its importance. With strict guidelines from the likes of the Dubai Municipality & Municipalities of all Emirates the Owners Associations are responsible for ensuring that they are contracted with a Municipality certified service provider for water tank cleaning. For those of use living in villas it becomes a personal responsibility to check on the cleanliness of the water tank. Apart from the water tank it is also advisable to look at get pipeline disinfection done once a year to ensure that the water is clean all the way to the tap.

All Municipality certified water tank cleaning companies will always also provide you water testing reports from certified third party laboratories. These become an additional check to ensure that there is no harmful level of bacteria in the water. Legionella testing is also provided. Ensuring the health quotient of your water tank will surely benefit you and your loved ones in the long run.

Bathroom cleaning:

It is no surprise that the place you scrub off the dirt and grime of your body holds bacteria and germs. Due to the moisture generated from a hot shower, the bathroom becomes the perfect place for germs to grow. In a bathroom, the areas that need your special attention to are the shower tub, drains, faucets, floor area around the toilet, bath towels, and toothbrush holder. Though new Coronavirus is less likely to live in your shower, sink, faucets, or drains, you should disinfect all the surfaces in your bathroom quite often.

Some useful tips for keeping your house clean and hygienically safe:

  • Make your bed every day. Make sure to dust off the pillow, bedsheet & duvet before tucking them in. Let in ample sunlight.
  • Have a basket for each person in the house where they can dump their essentials and arrange them on weekends
  • Do your dishes after every meal
  • Deal with paper clutter immediately
  • Vacuum clean your house at least thrice a week 

‘He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything’ – a very famous quote by Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle puts the importance of health in a few words.

Let’s try to live a healthier life and ensure that our loved ones are safe and protected.

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