Is your home ready to welcome your newborn?

Is your home ready to welcome your newborn?

We know how long you must’ve been preparing to welcome your newborn home.
But is your home actually prepared?

A single-swipe mopping may appear to have cleaned the surfaces temporarily, but it’s not always enough. Especially in times of COVID-19, it is imperative that parents strictly protect their children from any form of exposure to frequently touched objects and other people. In fact, as per doctor’s recommendations, a baby should strictly be under the supervision of parents and should not see/meet any visitors or outside people. The primary reason being, that anything and anyone can act as a carrier of harmful germs that can ultimately affect your newborn.

However, those are not the only precautionary steps to be taken. Have you thought about the fact that germs can stay on surfaces for hours, which may attack your infant’s immune system? So, if you think about it, it is not just enough to clean, but it is important to go for deep cleaning and sanitisation of all your household items- especially the places your baby may be the most exposed to. Yes, you guessed it right! The bed, the sofa, carpets, and even the indoor air quality should be good.

Thorough cleaning of your HVAC

In a country like UAE, where the climate is often hot and dusty, the air conditioners need to be maintained, and cleaned from time to time, so that the air in your room is fresh and clean. The immune system of a person is highly affected by the quality of the indoor air. The same goes for your baby as well. Rather, they are way more vulnerable than adults. The healthier the air, the better it is for your baby’s immunity as well.

Deep cleansing of your rooms

From your bedroom to your kitchen, to your bathroom- you can’t break the chain. When you prepare milk for your baby or wash their clothes, it all indirectly exposes them to germs and bacteria- if not cleaned properly. Hence, it is imperative to keep all the rooms deeply cleaned, sanitised to welcome the newest member of the family.

Sanitise your furniture

Usually, the best way to do it is to clean it with the help of technologies like UV scanning, to detect any germs that are present, or remaining on the surfaces by any chance, even after cleaning.
The inquisitiveness of babies to explore spaces cannot be suppressed, but the commodities can be cleaned effectively in order to keep up with hygiene.
Objects like the carpet may seem to give comfort under the feet but are also major bearers of dirt and debris, that are invisible to the naked eye. And it is not hard to imagine how they can get transferred to your bed through your feet- ultimately affecting your baby’s well being.

It is indeed tough to take care of all of these above parameters, especially when it comes to taking care of both, the mother and the child in all other ways that are just as important. It is also difficult to find equipment that are industrially efficient, and tools that provide such deep, and specialised cleaning. For this reason, cleaning services like that of Tanziif comes with a combination of systematic appliances to assist your cleaning processes. They don’t just help you with cleaning your home, but help you make sure to disinfect properly, so that you welcome your baby into a home that is perfectly safe and healthy!

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