Winter cleaning checklist for your home

Winter cleaning checklist for your home

In the UAE, winters happen to be the perfect time to spend some quality time with friends and family, outdoors because of the comfortable weather. It’s the perfect time to enjoy
the sunny days by the pool and enjoy family time in the lovely winter evenings.

With the onset of winter it’s the perfect time to bring out your patio furniture, garden chairs and the barbeque. Winters is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors but whilst enjoying the outdoors one must start paying serious attention to the risks of germs and viruses. Be it dirt and germs the kids pick up while outdoors or the pets. Here are a few things one must ensure to keep track of as part of your “Winter Cleaning Checklist”:

Getting an ample amount of sunshine and ventilation

Make sure to get ample sunlight into your home and ensure good cross ventilation in your house. For any commodity to have a higher shelf life, it is advised to keep it away from dampness and dingy spaces. You yourself must have come across objects with visible fungi and bacteria growth. It is hence advisable to store your belongings in a well-ventilated space, where it can also be exposed to sufficient sunlight from time to time. Also, make sure you expose your beddings and bed linens every now and then to the sun to ensure that all the bacteria on that are killed and it is safe to use.

Taking care of your patio furniture

Your patio is likely to be a home for debris so it is imperative to deep clean it. Using a fine brush is, therefore, a good tool to get into the smallest of the areas and get the dirt out. From the edges to the corners- every part of it is important to clean. So don’t miss out anywhere!

Is your barbeque ready for the weekend plan?

Now that you know how to get your patio ready, make sure that you pay equal attention to the barbeque as well.

If not in use for a while, it can serve as home to rodents, mold, and many other dangerous germs that will end up having adverse effects on your, and your family’s health. Removing food residues is not enough. Before you use it, make sure that you remove the grates, and thoroughly scrub them with a grill brush.
Pro tip- Use warm soapy water, to kill germs quicker.

Don’t neglect the indoors

When it comes to effective cleaning, one must not leave any stone unturned. This is because of the simple fact that transmission can happen anywhere and anytime- especially from the indoors to the outdoors, or vice versa. So it is imperative that all the bedrooms, bathrooms, and all other rooms are effectively vacuumed, and disinfected.

Here’s a little checklist you can use when you are cleaning indoors-

  • Vacuum the sofa and carpet, and walls
  • Wash the curtains
  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen countertop, cabinets, and appliances
  • Scrub and disinfect bathroom tiles, toilet, tub, and sink
  • Organise and clean the garbage

Cleaning can be a tiring job, and often requires more people of the family to be involved in the process. This is why Tanziif offers deep cleaning services. We use specialized equipment and tools that complement all kinds of cleaning requirements. We only use
Municipality approved food grade chemicals which are eco-friendly and safe for use around kids
and pets. All you will need to do is, make the call and sit back, while we take care of your cleaning needs.

So, why not make your home winter ready with us today?

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