5 Easy water tank maintenance tips

5 Easy water tank maintenance tips

For any household or commercial space, ensuring a safe water supply is imperative for staying healthy. However, we often tend to neglect the fact that water tank maintenance is also an important part of ensuring an uncontaminated water supply at all times.

If water tanks are left unattended or unclean for long periods of time, it increases the risk of bacterial, and fungal breeding within the water. The most common complaint is of legionella which can cause severe pneumonia amongst other health ailments. On the other hand, if the tanks are cleaned on a regular basis, it reduces health risks. The Municipality in its efforts to ensure safe water supply mandatorily requires one to have a contract in place with a Municipality certified service provider.

To ensure the safety of your, and your family’s health it is advised that effective cleaning is performed from time to time. Here are a few tips on maintaining your water tank:

Clean the openings of the water tank:

The primary inlet of all impurities is the lid of the water tank. Hence, it is the most important part to be taken care of. Not only do we need to ensure that the lid is tightly closed at all times, but we also need to make sure that it is cleaned on a weekly or fortnightly basis to avoid any unhealthy elements that may have lingered on to it over the course of time.

Clean the inner debris:

When it comes to water tanks, the inner walls may have fungal, or algae growth. If left untreated, these may not only contaminate your water but can also end up blocking the pipes that are attached to the tank.

Pay attention to the inlet pipes:

In the case of cleaning a water tank, it is not enough to pay attention only to the tank. It is equally important to clean the inlet pipes which circulate this water into your home. This is required to ensure that the flow of water is uninterrupted as well as ensuring the pipeline is clean. It is essential to get a pipeline disinfection conducted if the flow of water is affected.

Get professional help:

There is often a perception that getting professional cleaning services is a costly choice and most of us ignore having a regular cleaning done. But the ground reality is that they are a much cheaper, and efficient option, especially in the long run. Specialized cleaning service providers like Tanziif not only offer discounts for their customers but they also have a team of certified technicians to carry out the process of water tank cleaning and pipeline disinfection among others. They use the best equipment in the market and ensure that they fully conform to the Dubai Municipality standards of cleaning.

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