Don’t let the mold grow. Here’s why your house needs to be protected from it.

Don’t let the mold grow. Here’s why your house needs to be protected from it.

Mold, or fungus growth is a condition most prevalent in hot and humid areas. In middle eastern countries like the UAE where humidity levels remain at an average of 70-80%, it becomes especially important to maintain cleanliness in order to avoid mildew growth..

According to a study by EPA, our indoor surroundings can be upto 5 times more dangerous than the outdoor air. This is due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, unattended bacteria, and mold growth within the house. It is most commonly found in the rooms where there is a high level of moisture including the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and crawl spaces. In fact, if your bedroom or living room has seepages due to leakages in the piping systems, it can be equally prone to fungal growth.

Some of the major health issues that can be caused due to mold or mold spores in the air are respiratory problems, coughing, wheezing, and allergies. The degree of health issues highly depends on the amount and type of mold present in your surroundings.

Although mold is a common element in household dust, if it gets collected over a long period of time, it might lead to greater health risks including major neurological disorders.

How to detect mold and mildew?

While mold appears mostly in shades of black, blue, red, and green, mildew appears in the shades of yellow, brown, and black. By keeping a regular check on moist spaces around the house, you can detect mold and mildew at an early stage, and get rid of them in time.

How to prevent your house from mold and mildew?

Maintain a healthy level of heat and humidity:

Since fungal growth occurs in a moist environment, it is imperative that the areas more prone to dampness or wetness are well ventilated. For this, you can attach vent fans and make sure to turn them on from time to time to avoid breeding of fungal bacteria. The fresher the air is, the healthier the environment is.

Prevent water infiltration:

One of the major preventive measures that can be taken, is to direct your pipes and other water supplies away from your homes, or at least far away from your rooms. This can effectively protect the walls from any seepage due to possible leakages in pipes.

Use disinfectants and cleaning products:

Regular sanitisation is one of the best ways to keep away the harmful bacteria and other unhealthy elements. Even if there has been any mold growth due to moisture, disinfecting the area within time can stop it from multiplying and spreading any further.

It is highly advisable to not take mold problems casually and the sooner you address the matter, the lesser the damage. At the onset of summer there is a high chance of mold spores forming within your HVAC vents. It is recommended that before one starts using the air conditioning during the summer the HVAC system should be deep cleaned by a professional company.

With specialized cleaning services and professional equipment, our NADCA certified technicians don't leave any corner of your house unattended, thus making sure that your surroundings are absolutely safe and healthy to live in.

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