Protect your child from frequent allergies. Here’s your go-to guide for clean indoor air.

Protect your child from frequent allergies. Here’s your go-to guide for clean indoor air.

In the year 2020 when people from all over the world were forced to stay in their homes, one of the most common problems that people came across was the lack of good indoor air. While those living in well-ventilated houses still had access to airflow from the outside, others living in closed spaces ended up facing various health issues such as fatigue and allergies. The worst affected have been the children, the elderly and those suffering from any respiratory issues. All these experiences led people to understand the importance of good indoor air quality.

In a country like UAE, where the average humidity ranges between 50-60% and goes upto 90% in summers, a closed home serves as the perfect environment for all kinds of impurities. This is because locked up spaces serve as the ideal environment for germs, bacteria, mold, and other viruses to breed. When it comes to your own house, the most ignored spaces happen to hold the maximum contamination. For instance, your mattress, couch, curtains, and carpets are some of the most accessed, yet ignored spaces in terms of regular cleaning.

In the case of children, it is not possible for parents to keep a constant check on which nook and corner their kids are choosing to play in, or how harmful these pathogens are, that might be lingering around. Hence, the inquisitive nature that leads children to explore new spaces, can also end up becoming the reason for their health issues.

The harm caused, however, is not explicitly visible all the time and can end up being ignored in many cases. The symptoms can range from fatigue, headaches, sneezing and coughing, to decreased focus and learning capabilities. According to statistics, 40% of children in the UAE suffer from Allergic Rhinitis, which is a common disease caused by exposure to impure conditions and spaces. A primary reason for this is the simple fact that the UAE is a country with a dusty environment and extremely hot and humid conditions, leading to dust mites and dander.

In order to keep a check on your child’s health, it is important to make sure that his/her living surroundings are healthy and sanitised. Especially when at home, their rooms and other common spaces such as the doormats, carpets, etc are cleaned to their healthiest form. Although it can be a tiring and long process to clean each and every spot of the house, it doesn’t always ensure the kind of cleanliness that is desired, in order to kill all kinds of germs and viruses. A professional cleaning company can ensure that frequent deep cleaning of your carpets, mattresses, sofa & curtains result in a healthier indoor environment for you & your loved ones. They use industrial grade machines along with Dubai Municipality approved chemicals doing an excellent job.

Professional cleaning services like Tanziif offer deep cleaning services for your home, making it easier for parents to ensure an absolutely safe and healthy environment for their children. Tanziif is not only certified by NADCA but also provides its customers with detailed post-completion service reports.

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