The allergens residing on your mattress can attack your health while you are asleep. Are you equipped?

The allergens residing on your mattress can attack your health while you are asleep. Are you equipped?

Do you know that we spend approximately one third of our lives in bed? Yes, that’s true and the bed that you sleep on every day, is also a hotbed for mites, bugs, germs, and fungal spores.


Now that you are thinking about cleaning your mattress, let us tell you that merely vacuuming your mattress will not help you get rid of these allergens. To ensure that you and your family members sleep sound and healthy, a deep and professional cleaning of your mattress is important, every 3 months.

With the weather conditions being humid for most part of the year in the UAE, the conditions become ideal for the buildup of germs, bacteria, bed bugs, viruses etc. If left unattended a dirty mattress can be the root cause for allergies, asthma, eczema amongst other illnesses.

Why should you get your mattress cleaned?

  • It improves your sleep quality
  • It enhances easier and fresher breathing
  • It improves your overall energy levels
  • It boosts your immune system
  • It works as an allergy and asthma reliever
  • It helps you stay in a bacteria-free environment

Yes, one deep cleaning session of your mattress can actually drop the risks of your family’s exposure to indoor allergens to a great extent.

How to ensure that your mattress is clean, inside out?

Steps to deep clean your mattress.

  • Step 1: A specialised equipment for mattress cleaning is designed for this task. Get your hands on that, or hire professionals who are equipped.
  • Step 2: A high-power vacuum cleaner is required in order to trap 99% of the dust and other toxins present on the surfaces.
  • Step 3: In case of spots and stains, a spot lifter needs to be sprayed on, and cleaned. A hot water extraction is the best way to remove stains.
  • Step 4: One of the most important stages of cleaning your mattress is to spray it with a disinfectant to kill harmful microorganisms like H5N1, SARS, and Herpes.
  • Step 5: The last step in the process is to expose your mattress to a UV sanitisation machine, that works equivalent to exposing your mattress out in the sun for over 48 hours. In fact, using a UV machine is a much safer option because directly keeping your mattress under the sun, can again invite unwanted elements present in the air (like dust and pollutants) to penetrate into the deeper layers of your mattress.

When these 5 steps are performed on both sides of the mattress, it ensures that the mattress is not only clean inside out, but also improves the quality of your indoor air. However, most of the time, it is difficult to get your hands on these professional equipment, and perform the entire cleaning process by yourself. This is when professional cleaning services like Tanziif come to the rescue. Tanziif uses a combination of steam cleaning, deep vacuuming, shampooing and UV sanitization which is best suited to ensure a clean and healthy mattress.

Our deep mattress cleaning services make sure that you and your family breathe the freshest air, and are exposed to the healthiest surfaces around (especially the bed they are sleeping in)

At Tanziif, we provide you with a free inspection and cleaning services at affordable prices. Our cleaning professionals are certified, who perform their jobs with a 30 point checklist to ensure that they miss out on nothing at all when it comes to your health.

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