Why should you clean your mattresses? Know everything about the importance of a healthy sleeping surface.

Why should you clean your mattresses? Know everything about the importance of a healthy sleeping surface.

Have you ever thought that the bed on which your child sleeps on everyday, might be home to mites, bugs and deadly allergens that could harm their health?

Sounds worse than a nightmare, right?
We hate to tell you this, but there is a high probability of it, if your mattress is not being cleaned on a regular basis.

What are the unwanted elements that may cling on to your mattress?
Foreign objects like our clothes, phone, etc can leave dust mites, body oils, sweat, dead skin and other residue on the surface, eventually leading to the build up of harmful germs and viruses.

Why do you need to get your mattress cleaned on a regular basis?
Mattresses often do not filter out any bacteria, and hence, germs get penetrated deep down into the layers and multiply in there. The mattress becomes a breeding ground for bugs. It is hence imperative that we get our mattresses cleaned, and sanitised to avoid their breeding.

What are the benefits of mattress cleaning?

  • Healthy indoor air: When we minimise the amount of germs on surfaces around us, it reduces the overall amount of contaminations in the air.
  • Minimisation of allergies: Some of the most common allergies caused by allergens is asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Removing these bacteria from the deepest layers, wards off the possible harm.
  • Stress free sleep session: When we sleep, our bodies are exposed to the mattress surface for at least 6-8 hours. We should therefore make sure that our sleep is as safe and sound as possible, to wake up fresh and healthy in the morning.

How to keep your mattress truly clean?

To make sure that your mattress is absolutely clean inside out, one of the methods is to expose it to the strong sun rays for at least 2-3 days to kill off all the germs. However, in today’s lifestyle its almost impossible to do this.

This is where professional cleaning services like Tanziif come into the picture. Tanziif offers mattress deep cleaning using industrial grade specialised equipment. The process of mattress cleaning involves the deep vacuuming, steam cleaning and germicidal UV sanitization. Each of the processes has its own benefits.

The vacuuming from all sides of the mattress is done twice; once at the beginning to extract all the unwanted elements and then after the steam cleaning (at about 160-180°F) to ensure that all the bed bugs are killed and removed.

This is followed by the germicidal UV sanitization – 40 seconds of this is equivalent to having your mattress out in the sun for a full 24 hours.

So, if you are looking to have your mattress cleaned please get in touch with us on 800 TANZIIF. Also, Tanziif runs regular offers which can be found on the Offers section of their website.

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