6 ways to keep the aesthetics of your warehouse clean and safe

6 ways to keep the aesthetics of your warehouse clean and safe

For warehouses of all sizes, maintaining neat and organized premises is one of the biggest struggles. But keeping the warehouse clean is an important factor for running a highly productive warehouse leading to coordinated management.

A disorganized warehouse can be more prone to accidents, less efficient rate, and lower the confidence level of employees. Whereas, a well-maintained and organized warehouse can boost the productivity of the employees, improve efficiency, and lead to higher job satisfaction.

Warehouses need to have aisles that are clear of all the blockages and safe to move around, inventory, and heavy equipment. It’s thus essential to maintain clean working areas to ensure high productivity and a safe working environment for your employees.

As experts in warehouse cleaning, here are a few tips that we believe can help to maintain the hygiene level and cleanliness of your warehouse.

#1 Plan the cleaning routine

While planning maintenance and cleaning routine, it’s imperative to ensure that it does not hinder the environment and productivity of your warehouse. Strategizing a consistent and well-planned schedule can help you balance the work management and execute the cleaning process smoothly.

#2 Cleaning supplies should be always stocked

Not having cleaning supplies ready at all times can discourage the workers from cleaning the warehouse. Additionally, if they spend time traveling, it would affect their productive work hours. A conscious effort needs to be put forth by the managers to stock up the cleaning supplies on time. This helps not only in maintaining the standard set by the company but also in keeping the employees productive.

#3 Turn over inventories regularly

Stock that sits on the shelves for a long time can accumulate dust and pollute the air of the entire warehouse. On top of using valuable warehouse space, it is also costlier to deal with the remaining unused stock and makes warehouse cleaning much more difficult.

#4 Assign zones to each worker

An efficient way to ensure that specific areas are kept clean is by assigning zones to staff who work in the warehouse. This division can make the cleaning task seem less daunting. It also helps in preventing the low productivity rate of the employees during shift changes.

#5 Keep clean machinery

Do you use order picker vehicles in your warehouse? Order pickers are often full of cup holders and pockets to place small products, which accumulate dust and dirt over time. Similar to assigning the zones, you can assign and give the cleaning responsibility of the order picker vehicle to each employee.

#6 Take care of the floors

After taking care of all the high places, the focus shifts to the floor. The majority of the injuries in a warehouse comprises slips, falls, and trips. Thus, it is essential to pay special attention to the floor, the areas underneath the racks, and other nooks and corners.

How can Tanziif help?

When it comes to industrial warehouses and factory cleaning, we understand the key challenges and have the best tools for the job. Tanziif can assist with not only external façade cleaning to ensure that the outside of your warehouse/factory looks presentable but also the inside including the floors and high-level areas using specialized equipment and chemicals to ensure that the inside of your warehouse is kept neat and tidy.

From power scrubbers to industrial steam cleaners and high-pressure washers, no industrial dirt or grease will ever be an issue for your warehouse. If you need help in cleaning your warehouse, call @800TANZIIF today!

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  • Michaela Hemsley
    May 31, 2022, 6:25 pm Reply

    Thanks for these tips on keeping your warehouse clean and safe. It makes sense that you would want to make sure to take care of your floors. I think having them professionally cleaned would help make sure it could be done correctly.

  • Eve Mitchell
    July 12, 2022, 5:29 pm Reply

    It’s good to know that cleaning supplies should be ready at all times. I’m looking to hire warehouse cleaning services sometime this summer. I think it would help me be able to keep my warehouse a lot cleaner than it currently is.

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