Are your servers giving you a tough time?- Cleaning up the mess in your data center and server room is what you need to do!

Are your servers giving you a tough time?- Cleaning up the mess in your data center and server room is what you need to do!

For most companies in Dubai, their data center and server room are the heart of their business regardless of the size of the company. They spend a lot of time and money ensuring the discreteness of their information, making sure that all their software is up-to-date and that hackers trying to penetrate their systems are rebuffed. But these dangers are much more obvious and expected than the ones that can cause severe damage to your servers.

Imagine what if your computer starts malfunctioning and you lose all your company’s data? Think of what it would do to your business and the financial losses you sustain? Well, there may be causes of equipment malfunction over which you have limited control, but the main culprit can be the one that is easy to nip in the bud – dust particles and contaminants in your server room.

Just like your home or office, a data center must be cleaned regularly after every 3 months. Cleaning may not only make it look visually appealing for the employees but will also keep it running smoothly. The cleaning of visibly noticeable debris or dust can make the place look spick and span, but it doesn’t secure the equipment from tiny contaminants. These contaminants become airborne in the cooling system obstructing the dissipation of heat and can damage your expensive equipment.

So, it is imperative to establish a contaminant prevention plan and data center cleaning policy to protect your equipment and maintain data uptime.

What are the benefits of cleaning server rooms regularly?

  • Less downtime
  • Reduces contamination piled up in servers
  • Improves the efficiency of the equipment
  • Boosts employees morale

What would happen, if there is no regular cleaning in the Datacenter or Server rooms?

  • Overheating: The airflow causes light-weight dust particles to move around the server rooms freely. The cooling system of the data center is largely dependent on server fans which can lead tiny dirt particles into the cooling system. The deposition of these contaminants can cause fan failure or static discharge inside the servers. As a result, the heat dissipation needs more time, therefore causing equipment to overheat.
  • Decreases life-span: Dust particles hamper the working of the equipment and overheats them, therefore decreasing the life-span. Cleaning and uptime usually work collectively. The uptime of the data center reduces if there are too many contaminants in and around the equipment. Cleaning the data center regularly would reduce the downtime of the data center and extend the lifespan of its equipment.
  • Poses danger- Contaminants not only pose the greatest threat to your operational equipment but it also jeopardizes your life. Contamination from dirt particles, dust, and even metallic elements of your office building can increase the risk of fires that are life-threatening for your employees.

Why is it necessary to use professional services for cleaning server rooms?

Dust and dirt can lead to critical equipment failure. Since the circuit boards and chips of modern equipment and computers are becoming smaller as the technology is advancing, these contaminants get stuck in the connectors or subfloors more easily and make cleaning difficult. Thus, professional help is necessary to clean the equipment thoroughly.

Professional cleaners have a systematic and thorough method of cleaning data centers, unlike a regular cleaning team. They help in wiping off the dust from hard-to-reach spots meticulously, including below the raised floor, where dust can pile up and pollute the overall indoor air quality of your data center.

Why choose Tanziif?

Tanziif based in Dubai is a specialised cleaning company equipped to keep your data center in tip-top shape for years to come. We do Air Particulate Cleanliness Testing using Discrete Particle Counter (DPC) for ensuring compliance with pre-determined Cleanliness Class, defined in ISO Standard 14644-1. If you are ready to see how a professional team can upgrade your data center or server room and keep your employees and clients happy, call us on 800 TANZIIF.

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