5 Reasons to clean your water tank and live a healthy life!

5 Reasons to clean your water tank and live a healthy life!

Have you noticed how clean your water tank is lately? If not, then let us inform you that your water tank should always meet the highest cleanliness standards. With regular use, dirt and residues of the dust particles accumulate at the bottom of the water tank, eventually leading to the breeding of harmful bacteria that contaminate the water and make it unhealthy to use.

Are you now worried enough about the health risks that follow? Okay, to overcome the health risks, make it a habit to have a thorough cleaning of your water tank, no matter how busy your schedule is.

Water tanks are all made from different materials but still, they are all prone to microbes, bacteria, fungi, and much more. Whether the tank is made of RCC or plastic, it’s essential to keep your water tanks perfectly clean to minimize the spread of infections and diseases through the contaminated water. Using water from uncleaned tanks is not safe and, if water comes mainly from a storage tank, then it must be kept perfectly clean at all times.

What are the benefits of having your water tanks professionally cleaned?

  • Removes disease-causing viruses

Cleaning the water tank regularly is important as impure particles may accumulate in the water tank, which contains many harmful bacteria and can cause various allergic reactions. Over time, water tanks can become poisonous if not regularly cleaned, making the cleaning process harmful for the people using the water. That’s why taking professional help is necessary for cleaning up the water tanks. With the weather conditions in UAE, there is a high degree of concern with Legionella – Legionella is a genus of pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria that includes the species legionella, causing legionellosis (all illnesses caused by Legionella) including a pneumonia-type illness called Legionnaires’ disease and a mild flu-like illness called Pontiac fever.

It is highly advisable to get a Legionella test done at least twice a year even for domestic tanks.

  • Filtration systems are not 100% effective

The filters may prove effective against certain kinds of dirt particles or substances but it does not stay effective to other harmful invisible bacteria. That’s why it is essential to hire professional water tank cleaning services for cleaning the tanks. The filters may prove compelling against only some kind of impurities but may not prevent people from being safe from allergic reactions and certain kinds of water-related infections.

  • Saves money

Regular cleaning of your water tanks may save you from unnecessary plumber expenses by preventing the blockage of water pipes. Contaminated water can make people ill, leading to an increase in hospital bills. Accumulation of dirt over time can also cause leakage through the water pipes but regular cleaning could sway away with all these unnecessary expenditures and can help to save you money.

  • Clean water leads to a decrease in the death rate

Most of us overlook the cleaning of the water tanks, but this can lead to potential harm to the well-being of our people using the contaminated water. If the tanks are not cleaned periodically, then fungus can get accumulated on the water tank’s side walls hence, making the water poisonous to use. As a result, reaching out to a professional water tank cleaning company should be done at least once a year to stay away from harmful and polluted water. The procedure may take some hours but the result will be worth your time and money.

What Tanziif offers for water tank cleaning?

Tanziif is a one-stop solution for the complete water tank cleaning services with Municipality certification. Tanziif’s water tank cleaning experts are fully certified and trained which means that not only are the technicians certified by Dubai Municipality, but they hold additional certifications such as an Occupational Health Card and Confined Space Training. Tanziif uses only DM-approved chemicals ensuring thorough cleaning of your water tank.

Tanziif offers water tank cleaning and pipeline disinfection services for industrial, commercial, and domestic water tanks.

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