5 professional cleaning tips to turn your dull carpet to radiant!

5 professional cleaning tips to turn your dull carpet to radiant!

Do you have a feeling that no matter how hard you clean your carpet, there are some stains that your vacuum cleaner just can’t clean properly? Well, then it is time to change your cleaning techniques.

Dirt is like thousands of little blades that can wither the carpet fibers, making it lose its texture and look. When dust particles come in contact and scratch the fibers, it dulls the shine of the carpet, which is why high-traffic areas appear more dull than the rest of the carpeting.

Over time, the tiny dust particles wear away the fibers, which sets them down and helps to leave a stain on the carpets more easily. One of the reasons that people love having carpets in their homes—besides their warmth and softness—is that they require less maintenance and keep their marble floors shiny and everlasting. Frequent vacuuming and occasional deep-cleaning are all that’s required to keep your carpet looking new and fresh.

However, despite your best efforts, sooner or later, your carpet still becomes the victim of stains, messy splashes, and the dust particles present on the bottom of your shoes. So, as experts in carpet and rug deep cleaning services in Dubai, we will share some tips on how to turn your carpets from dull to shiny in the most effective way possible-

Pro Tip 1: Don’t rub the stains, blot them instead!

When there is a spill, resist the urge to jump and immediately start scrubbing the stained area. That’ll only absorb and drive the stain down into the carpet. The key to cleaning the spillage is blotting. Blotting is done by putting a small amount of pressure on the stain to soak up the spilled drink or liquid. By gently dabbing the stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth can prevent the stains from spreading throughout the carpet area. Rubbing causes the particles to get settled into the fibers, which leads to the early breakdown of carpet fibers.

Pro Tip 2: Eliminate pet dander with a Squeegee

Pet dander is notoriously annoying to remove with just vacuuming the carpets. With pets, shedding of hair especially, during monsoons, might be overwhelming. However, a squeegee can remove even the tiniest hair from your carpets without putting in much effort. The squeegee is mostly used in cleaning the windows, but its design can dislodge gunk, pet hair, and other substances from the carpet in the nick of time.

Pro Tip 3: Carpet area rugs to your rescue!

People love to show off their carpets when they organize gatherings and host parties, but foot traffic has no mercy. Therefore, without proper maintenance, such carpets in your homes wear out faster. However, placing the rugs along the carpet areas that receive the most traffic can save you a lot of time and it also keeps carpets looking new for a long time.

Pro Tip 4: Let stain remover settle down

Sometimes we get so busy scrubbing profusely to remove the stains that we sometimes forget to let the stain remover settle down. Firstly, you need to let the stain remover sit on the spillage because it eliminates the need to scrub the carpet. Blot carefully to avoid the spill getting deeper into the fibers, thus making the spillage stain worse.

Pro Tip 5: Vacuum, vacuum, and more vacuum

We know this trick but do you? With all of the dirt that enters your homes, vacuuming removes most of it. However, carpets with the most foot traffic should be vacuumed at least 2-3 times a week. The most tarnishing thing to your carpets is not only the foot traffic but the dirt particles rubbing against the carpet fibers.

Do you clean your carpet daily but still, it gives your home a dull and gloomy look? Well, we hope you find these pro tips beneficial enough to turn your carpets from dull to shiny. But, remember, these are just temporary solutions to maintain your carpets.

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