Why is domestic water tank cleaning essential and how do you do it?

Why is domestic water tank cleaning essential and how do you do it?

It is essential to conduct regular inspections of your water tanks to help determine if they are clean and free of harmful bacteria and molds. Professional water tank cleaning is an essential part to maintain the level of water hygiene that helps to remove impurities and ensure that the tank is toxin-free, safe, and compliant.

What does the cleaning process of water tanks entail?

The water tank cleaning process depends on the size, type, and complexity of the water storage tank involved. Due to this, the experts generally start the process with a detailed inspection of the water tank and the surrounding area to strategize a clear and comprehensive plan of what type of cleaning needs to be done. There is a detailed method statement, a risk assessment plan, and a confined space rescue plan devised in cleaning tanks in commercial establishments.

Both domestic and commercial water tank cleaning requires the existing water to be drained and cleared out of any deposits of bacteria or contaminants that may have built up inside the water tank. Then the experts use the latest disinfection methods, techniques, and Dubai Municipality-approved chemicals to ensure the tanks are cleaned to the highest levels of cleanliness. This also includes scraping the mold, sandblasting the tanks, and brushing the walls wherever necessary, after which it gets disinfected, usually with DM-approved disinfection chemicals.

During water tank cleaning the experts make sure to minimize any disruption during the cleaning process and carry out work quickly and efficiently at a time that is convenient for everyone.

How to know if your water tank n eeds cleaning?

Water tanks should be inspected regularly. Municipality guidelines are in effect for commercial establishments on how often water tanks should be cleaned. For residential villas, townhouses, and mansions the tank should be cleaned bi-annually. Additionally upon inspection, if found dirty the tank should be cleaned nonetheless.

  • The temperature of the water tank should be inspected regularly.
  • An internal inspection of the water tanks should be scheduled regularly for signs of any mold growth.
  • Water tanks should be regularly inspected for any possible sign of microbial infections in tanks monthly to prevent the spread of harmful diseases.
  • Water tanks should be cleaned and disinfected bi-annually for residential units and quarterly for commercial establishments.

Ultimately, domestic water tank cleaning is about maintaining good water hygiene, human health, and safe water distribution systems.

It is essential for the maintenance of your water tank that you maintain the right level of pH for disinfection to ensure water is kept clean and to prevent build-up that can risk the growth of Legionella.

How does Tanziif clean the water tank?

At Tanziif, we understand the importance of keeping you and your family safe. We are proud to be fully certified by Dubai Municipality as an accredited Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Company. We offer professional tank cleaning solutions that will ensure you and your family’s safety in fighting harmful bacteria from entering your system. We have highly-trained and certified technicians who are readily available to cater to your needs in maintaining the cleanliness of your water tank.

Tanziif experts do water tank cleaning following Dubai Municipality (DM) guidelines, using food-grade DM-approved chemicals and carried out by DM certified hygiene technicians trained in working in confined spaces such as Water Tanks, Oil Tanks, etc.

Additionally, all Tanziif Team Leaders are trained in first aid ensuring full compliance with the highest safety standards while executing the job.

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