Why is improving Indoor Air Quality in your workplace important?

Why is improving Indoor Air Quality in your workplace important?

Is your HVAC system partially responsible for absenteeism, sickness, suffocating smell, and low productivity at work?

The answer to that question is absolute ‘YES!’- unless you’re ahead of the curve and have hired a proactive professional HVAC cleaning service that monitors the air inside of your building for high concentrations of particulate matter, CO2, and other pollutants.

hen we think about the air pollutants, we often think about those found outdoors and overlook those present indoors.

The indoor air quality, though, is just as vital to the health of your employees.

According to the study of Harvard School of Public Health, poor indoor air quality and volatile organic compound levels have direct negative impacts on the thinking and decision-making of your employees.

What deteriorates indoor air quality?

Quality of indoor air is generally of least concern in commercial places especially the offices. Polluted outdoor air can be easily noticed due to visible smoke, pungent smell, and suffocating environment. However, indoor air pollution is not visible as it hides behind the cool and comforting air blown by the HVAC systems.

So, what actually pollutes the Indoor air?

There are thousands of air pollutants in commercial and industrial buildings but among the most common and harmful is the air released by dirty air ducts. Many underperforming HVAC systems in the workplace expose tens of millions of people throughout the UAE to poor indoor air quality conditions every day.

People with respiratory problems are particularly sensitive to these particles, and a periodic air duct cleaning eliminates all these harmful particles in and around the workspace.

How does good Indoor Air Quality affect your workplace and employees?

  • Healthier environment– Professionally cleaned air ducts reduce the harmful pathogens that would otherwise circulate throughout your workspace, including your indoor air as well as your other furniture. But, regular inspection and cleaning of your air duct reduce the need for daily wiping and dusting required to maintain the cleanliness of your office
  • Removes pungent smell– Dust, cleaning solutions, and even mold spores, all add to the nasty smell in the air ducts. After switching on the air conditioners, the odor flows throughout the workplace and causes a suffocating environment. Accumulation of dust particles over the months can lead to a stale smell in the HVAC systems. A thorough cleaning of the air ducts removes all the particles that absorb the pungent smell, resulting in a clean office
  • Increase productivity– Employees feel more productive working in a fresh and clean environment. It’s a fact that employees who work in a hygienic and dirt-free ambiance tend to be more efficient, enthusiastic, and attentive in their work. A cleaner ambiance helps them to stay refreshed and relaxed

How can Tanziif help?

IAQ is a key physiological source that affects the productivity of your workspace, guest comfort, health, and the general energy levels of people in your office. If the IAQ isn’t as good as it should be, all of these factors will be adversely affected.

However, Tanziif offers professional cleaning of the HVAC system following NADCA 2021 Standards using NADCA certified technicians and Dubai Municipality-approved chemicals. We keep your HVAC system clean so it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature you desire and as a result, less energy is used, leading to improved cost-effectiveness for your business.

Tanziif provides HVAC Cleaning in offices, hospitals, airports, government buildings, malls, schools, nurseries to name a few

Call @800TANZIIF today to book your free inspection to get a customized quote for your workplace.

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