Is your home winter ready?

Is your home winter ready?

The winter season is a wonderful time that brings the family together but it also brings germs! It seems like someone is always sick with the change in season. What’s more? These germs can easily spread, sending everyone home with cold and sickness. Getting yourself ready for winter can be done in a snap. But preparing and saving your home from bacteria that come during the winter season is another story.

Winters can be breathtakingly beautiful, but they can also take your mental peace away due to the building up of bacteria, viruses, mold, and more during the winter season. Preparing your home for winter isn’t simply about staying warm inside the blanket and keeping the cold out of the house, winter problems like poor Indoor Air Quality, dirty mattresses, dirty carpets and dirty sofas can cause various health problems in cold weather.

As a homeowner, there are some points to consider helping you focus more on winter’s beauty and less on winter’s wrath. To make sure your home is prepared for the effects of cold weather; here are some tips to make your house spick and span:

Seal the Leaks!

Mold can grow on almost any surface, from walls and ceilings to floors and under the leaking pipes. Mold thrives under damp conditions, which is why leaks from the water pipes often contribute to the growth and spread of mold inside your house. The mold spores turn into mold and these spores can easily make their way in every corner of the house including your HVAC systems. So, it is essential to have your place inspected for any type of leakage by a professional. However, anyone can look for water leaks by themselves but only a professional can make sure that the place is properly inspected so that no mold or water leaks go unnoticed.

Pay attention to your mattress!

You will be surprised to know how dirty your mattress can get with all that time spent in bed (Did you know an average human spends 1/3rd of their life in bed?). Your mattress is a haven for dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria, and viruses. Various kinds of molds and fungi can invade your home, especially during the winter months. Campylobacter microbe thrives and grows in your mattresses during the winter months in particular. When dampness is tracked in the mattresses, it attracts bacteria that cause various health problems. People with allergies, Elderly people, and infants, who have a weak immune system, are more prone to fall prey to this bacterial infection.

Are you breathing fresh air?

In winter, it can be difficult to breathe fresh air as pollutants like VOCs, mold spores, and more get trapped inside and keep building up, which in turn, results in poor ventilation. That is why it is essential to complete the air duct cleanings during the colder months to improve the indoor air quality. HVAC systems, if left uncleaned, can become a breeding ground of harmful contaminants such as allergens, pollen, dust, bacteria, and fungi. The winter is the perfect time to set your residential or commercial space up with fresh air just before allergy season starts!

How can Tanziif solve all your winter cleaning problems?

As one of the premier specialised cleaning companies, we are proud to serve the great community of the UAE. Our bespoke cleaning services like Mold remediation, HVAC cleaning, water tank cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, and mattress cleaning are some of our most popular services, and no matter if you are looking for residential or commercial cleaning, our team can help you with its superior and high-quality services.

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