Regular Air Duct cleaning saves you money. Here’s what you need to know!

Regular Air Duct cleaning saves you money. Here’s what you need to know!

Does your heart drop every time you see a rise in your electricity bills? Are you eagerly looking for ways to save money through simple solutions? If the answer to these questions is yes, this article is certainly for you.

Do you know your HVAC system could be a major leading cause of the rise in your energy bills? Luckily, routine HVAC

maintenance is a simple solution that can save you money and reduce your electricity bills whether in your home or workspace.

When most people hear the word “AC cleaning” they probably envision having to pay a hefty price, to get their HVAC functioning smoothly again. But did you know that hiring professionals could save you a good amount of money in the long run?

Today, we’re here to explain how regularly cleaning your HVAC system is beneficial for you and the well-being of your family. We’ll discuss how, by keeping on top of this routine, you can save money you might never have known was possible to save. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight to the point.

💁 Reduced Hospital visits

How often have you heard a story about a friend or family member getting frequently ill, but started feeling better after stepping out of the house?

The possible reason for these frequent illnesses and allergies could be the dust and mold hiding inside your HVAC system. By catching these problems in an early stage, you can stop them way before and fix them before these contaminants cause much bigger problems like allergic reactions, breathing problems, and whatnot.

That’s why it is crucial to deep clean your air conditioning units by hiring a professional cleaning company for high-quality results and a healthier environment.

💁 Increases the AC’s lifespan

When you get HVAC cleaning regularly in a climate like in the UAE, you are prolonging the life of your unit.

Wondering how to extend the life of your HVAC system? This could be done by taking good care of your HVAC system and hiring professionals to deep clean your air ducts at least twice a year. By doing this, you can prevent numerous problems that can hamper the functioning of your HVAC unit or make it irreparable.

Most HVAC systems come with an estimated lifespan, if you never take the time to schedule a cleaning routine for your unit, then it’s quite likely it will fail far short of its estimated lifespan.

On the other hand, if you take care to address issues as they arise like the pungent smell, dust all over your furniture, etc, and keep your unit in good working order, it’s conceivable you’ll not only reach this estimated date but also far exceed it.

💁 Reduced Energy Bills

If you rarely or never perform a yearly HVAC cleaning routine, the odds are good that little problems are slowly building up throughout the system to worsen the functioning of your HVAC system. When all these tiny glitches come together, the result is that the HVAC system needs to function much harder than it normally would, to give the desired result.

By planning a regular cleanup of your HVAC system, you can stay on top of these small and regular problems like dust and debris stuck in your air ducts. This prevents them from building up in a way that will put a strain on your unit, resulting in lower energy bills for you.

Why is HVAC cleaning essential for people living in the UAE?

Regular cleaning of your HVAC system is essential no matter where you live. For homeowners in the UAE, however, there is a specific reason to pay attention to the regular maintenance of their HVAC units.

With extreme summer conditions and the impact of Global Warming in the UAE, the summer temperatures are constantly on the rise each year. With the extreme summer its essential that the AC System is running smoothly. The added impact of frequent sandstorms also put a strain on the air conditioning system.

For this reason, it’s crucial to remain diligent about staying on top of your HVAC cleaning schedule. Tanziif offers an option of Duct Cleaning or Full System Cleaning. We make sure to clean the supply ducts, filters, coil, fan motor and ensure a complete sanitization of the unit.

However, if you haven’t scheduled your annual HVAC cleaning for this year, don’t put it off any longer. Call us @800TANZIIF to book professional AC cleaning services today and learn more about how our NADCA certified services can save you money. Tanziif is 4.9 rated on Google with over 11000+ satisfied homeowners who have tried and tested our services.

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