Boost the productivity in your office by improving the “Indoor Air Quality”

Boost the productivity in your office by improving the “Indoor Air Quality”

Think about your first reaction while stepping into an indoor space with poor indoor air quality. Do you raise your head, take a deep breath, and hold it for a few seconds before slowly exhaling from your mouth? Absolutely NOT! You’ll automatically move out of the place.

This involuntary response to poor indoor air instantly increases the heart rate and makes for an uncomfortable environment for the employees. So is it possible to harness the benefits of clean and fresh air inside your office? Well, it’s not just a possibility, it is possible. A few simple steps to improve upon the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) with emphasis on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can have a substantial impact in your office or workspace.

We usually tend to overlook the importance of IEQ and IAQ.

So, what’s the relation between Indoor air quality & the productivity of your employees?

What if we tell you that one simple change in your office could enhance strategic thinking, boost productivity, and even help people work faster? That’s interesting, right?

All of this can be achieved by simply improving air quality in your workspace. It seems that for businesses air quality and comfort are often afterthoughts and not seen as a basic necessity of wellness.

However, the side effects of poor indoor air have a profound impact on a company’s productivity and profit rate. The study shows that poor air quality results in more than 1 million illnesses per year around the world. Out of which, more than half of the working professionals lose their productivity from frequent headaches and dizziness associated with sick building syndrome due to an unhealthy indoor environment.

Now, it’s time to take a hard look at the indoor air quality in your office.

How can you improve indoor air quality in your commercial space?

Improving indoor air quality and productivity can be achieved easily after knowing the root cause of the poor air quality. Make sure that the AC system is cleaned at least twice a year as it becomes the perfect place for mold to thrive and dust particles to get accumulated.

Preventative steps should also be taken to ensure good indoor air quality. Let’s find out how to keep the indoor air in your office clean to stop the spread of pollutants before they become an issue and hamper the productivity of your business.

👀 By keeping the space clean

By keeping surfaces clean, you can reduce the build-up of allergens that are a major cause of contamination on surfaces and can lead to numerous infections. Desks and shared surfaces should be sanitized regularly to reduce the build-up of dust and bacteria.

Dirty carpets filled with dust particles can exacerbate respiratory symptoms among employees and impact the productivity level in the workplace. Therefore, it is recommended to vacuum the carpets at least twice a week using a vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure allergens and dust are removed efficiently.

👀 Avoid exposure to components that trigger respiratory problems

It is in the best interests of the business to reduce the long exposure of employees to anything that might make them vulnerable to respiratory issues. Pollutants from dirty HVAC and dust from sweeping or vacuuming can exacerbate underlying respiratory conditions or allergies, thus hampering the productivity of your business.

Emissions from furniture and other materials typically account for up to 30% of the total volatile organic compounds, which can exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues and contribute towards Sick Building Syndrome. Therefore, it is essential to keep your employees far away from the things that can hamper their health and the productivity of your business in any way.

👀 Have the indoor air tested by Tanziif Professionals

Poor indoor air quality in the workplace has been an issue for years and brings with it a host of numerous health problems. Poorly ventilated commercial spaces clog the indoor air with particulates, bacteria, and toxic fumes can affect mood, productivity, and workplace performance.

Therefore, it is advised to hire professionals for thorough indoor air quality testing. Tanziif team immediately arranges an inspection with the client to determine the probable root cause and extent of poor Indoor Air Quality.

We provide a thorough Inspection Report which includes Investigation, Findings, and Photographic Evidence to discuss with the client the procedure of execution of work for better understanding. We recommend the best course of action to improve indoor air quality. So, don’t wait and call @800TANZIIF today for clean and fresh indoor air for your employees.

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