IAQ and IEQ: Do you know the difference?

IAQ and IEQ: Do you know the difference?

Studies have revealed that residents of the UAE spend 80 to 95% of their time indoors to escape high temperatures and the blistering summer heat. Hence, safe indoor air quality is indispensable for an individual’s well-being.

Though air pollution is mostly synonymous with outdoor air, indoor air also incorporates numerous pollutants. Globally, people are spending an increasing amount of time indoors, where they are exposed to various contaminants. These are either emitted from those seeping in from the outside or through dirty air ducts harbouring various bacteria, germs, and molds.

In fact, their impact on health is way more than that caused by exposure to outdoor air pollution. However, before proceeding further, do you know the exact difference between IAQ and IEQ?

It’s been a while since we last discussed indoor air quality (IAQ) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in detail. So, to enhance your knowledge we decided to put together a post on the difference between the two. Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion between the two similar soundings, but different subject areas.

IAQ and IEQ: How can you differentiate?

The easiest way to understand the differences between IAQ and IEQ is that IAQ is about the air that we breathe, whereas IEQ is about what we breathe, see, hear, and feel indoors. However, the two do share one similarity- Neither of them can be avoided. If not monitored and taken into consideration timely then they both could wreak havoc on your and your family’s health.

👉 Let’s begin with IAQ first-

Indoor Environment Quality is actually the umbrella term for Indoor Air Quality. IAQ is a measure of the indoor air quality on the potential health and comfort of the person living inside the building.
Invisible chemicals and biological contaminants present in the air can cause symptoms ranging from discomfort to serious illness. Moreover, potential contaminants can include things like dust, germs, pet dander, viruses, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and various other chemical compounds that can cause severe harm to your health and well-being.

That’s why regular cleaning of your air ducts and sufficient ventilation in the space is crucial to increase the air quality in your space. Ideally, the quality of the indoor air should be better than that of the air outside the building because according to the studies the air inside buildings is 10 times more polluted than outside.

Monitoring of particulate matter, CO2, ozone, Sulphur, and nitrogen oxide, can provide insights into better management and control. In conclusion, maintaining good IAQ is of utmost importance in homes, offices, and all the spaces we live and work in.
We hope we’ve managed to clear all your doubts regarding IAQ.

👉 Now, let’s talk about the term IEQ-

IEQ, or Indoor Environmental Quality, is more comprehensive—it’s about what we breathe, hear or see when we are indoors. IEQ encompasses IAQ, as well as other physical and psychological aspects of whatever happens indoors and what we breathe. It is a measure of various details of an indoor environment on human health and performance, including indoor air quality, lighting, ventilation, and thermal comfort.

Understanding the sources of indoor environmental contaminants and controlling them can help prevent or resolve various health issues faced by people spending time indoors.

IEQ and IAQ are equally important. Why?

It’s important for your health and well-being that the air you breathe and the environment you spend your time in are clean and safe. Indoor air pollutants can cause or worsen various health problems if they reach high enough levels.

Poor IEQ and IAQ can become the reasons for mild symptoms like frequent headaches, allergies, and tiredness. It may also trigger breathing conditions like asthma and can also make the situation worse if the person is exposed to poor air quality for a longer time.

How can Tanziif help?

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