How Indoor Air Quality impacts your health and AC units?

How Indoor Air Quality impacts your health and AC units?

Have you considered the impact of indoor air quality (IAQ) on your health? 

Well, it is one of those things that rarely crosses our minds. But, truth be told, the air you are breathing inside could be hazardous to your health, in fact, 10X more dangerous than the air outside.

Still don’t trust us?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our indoor air can be up to 10X dirtier or even worse when compared to the air outside. 

Now, that’s something to be taken seriously! Don’t you agree?

More often than not, people think that staying in a well-sealed and packed home can give them a healthy indoor environment. But, sadly that’s not true. Because no matter how well-packed your home is, if indoor air pollutants like VOCs, dust particles, mold spores, etc., are neglected, they can move on to become fatal for the health of your family.

What’s exactly hiding in your indoor air?

Many people don’t realize that their ”perpetual cold” or other nagging symptoms may be caused by the very air they breathe in their own homes. Some have been affected for years and have visited doctors many times in a vain attempt to uncover the cause of their problem. 

So, what’s there in your indoor air but is not visible to the naked eye? Let’s find out!

Below are some of the common pollutants that can be found in your indoor air:

👀 Mold

👀 Mildew

👀 Pet dander

👀 Pollen

👀 VOCs

👀 Bacteria

👀 Viruses

👀 Other chemicals found in home furnishings

Breathing in such contaminants can negatively affect your health. Moreover, poor indoor air quality can severely aggravate the symptoms of asthma and dust allergy. For people who are prone to such health issues, it’s essential to ensure that they’re breathing fresh, safe, and clean air.

So, don’t compromise on the air you breathe indoors!

How contaminated indoor air impacts your health & HVAC system?

In addition to the negative effects on your health, poor indoor air quality can also hamper the functioning of your AC. HVAC systems when not treated over time start collecting high quantities of dust, pollen, and mold. Furthermore, the buildup of these things in your filtration system or ducts can result in many health problems. For example, it can cause allergies, asthma exacerbation, and lung infections. 

Dust accumulated in air ducts can cause reduced efficiency for the entire heating and cooling system, resulting in increased energy costs and more pollution. Thus, increasing your electricity bills and leading to an eventual breakdown.

Therefore, rather than worrying about repairs, let our professional AC cleaning service experts help you. 

How can Tanziif improve your Indoor Air Quality?


At Tanziif we take Indoor Air Quality very seriously. We offer Air Quality Testing for your indoor spaces (be it your office or your home) from Certified Laboratories. Basis the test results we advise on the best course of action to ensure better IAQ.

Our services also extend Mold removal which happens to be a specialization of the Tanziif team. With the weather conditions in the UAE, we are prone to experience mold issues which definitely need to be addressed by professionals.

Our detailed AC Cleaning process ensures that you get a quality service ensuring good IAQ for your home or office.

Safety measures we take

At Tanziif, the safety of our customers and employees is extremely important to us. When we show up for a cleaning service, we take the following precautionary measures:

  • 👉 We have certified and trained NADCA certified technicians
  • 👉 We have a fully-vaccinated team
  • 👉 All technicians have green status on Al Hosn App
  • 👉 We use biodegradable PPE Kits including coveralls, hairnets, face masks, face shield gloves, and shoe covers
  • 👉 We use Dubai Municipality and EPA-approved chemicals only

Let us help you stay safe, well, and comfortable by improving your indoor air quality. Call @800TANZIIF or visit our website to schedule a FREE inspection and AC cleaning service today.

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