Tanziif Summer Tips to keep Your AC in Good Condition!

Tanziif Summer Tips to keep Your AC in Good Condition!

Summer heat can be a serious problem for your AC units if left unchecked, but you can avoid the risk with a few tweaks to your summer plans.

To those who live in the UAE, they must be aware that the climate here consists of only two seasons: hot and hottest. Well, the reality, of course, is more nuanced.😅 

The country, in simpler terms, can be characterized by hot summers with humidity levels that can make being outdoors unbearable.🥵

Did you know?

At the peak of summer, temperatures in the UAE hover around the 50-degree mark! Yes, we are not lying!

Therefore, this prompts residents to spend the entire day and night – indoors, where AC helps maintain cool temperature levels. But, the longer and hotter the summer, the harder it is for an AC unit to function effectively. Excessive use without regular clean-up and maintenance can shorten its lifespan and hamper its performance. Therefore, you might be wanting your AC units to be ready to beat the heat this year effectively. Isn’t it?

Now, the question that must be coming to your mind is- Is there a solution? Well, of course, when Tanziif is here, no fear! So, we are bringing to you #TanziifSummerTips to maintain your AC in this blistering heat. What are you waiting for? Let’s start!

👀 Double-check your AC filters

We’ll simplify it for you all! Just like your car’s AC filters need a regular check-up, your HVAC filters too should be taken care of. The filters are what keep your AC’s internal components up and running smoothly. Therefore, when the filters become clogged or dirty, the flow of air from the unit is adversely affected. Be sure to clean your washable filters and replace your disposable ones now and then to prevent further problems.

👀 Switch to a modern thermostat

Does your thermostat keep your home at your desired temperature? Perhaps you are still using the traditional type. Ditch the old model and switch to a modern version to gain better control of your indoor temperature, whether you’re at home or not.

👀 Be sure your AC unit has plenty of space to breathe

Another easiest way to keep your AC in optimum condition is to maintain the outdoor area surrounding the unit. It is advised to keep the area clear from plants and other furniture items to allow sufficient airflow. 

👀 Check all vents and grills

Cleaning your AC vents and grills goes a long way to ensuring maximum airflow from your unit. This is one of the most helpful tips particularly if you have kids or older members who have sensitive immune systems and are prone to respiratory problems.

👀 Call @800TANZIIF for professional AC maintenance

Tanziif specialists have the know-how to keep your air conditioners running well. We use a reliable HVAC checklist to keep your AC healthy and catch minor problems before they escalate to bigger ones. 

Regular AC maintenance does not only save you on your energy bills, but it also improves the longevity of your equipment. The best part, we are NADCA certified and leave no stones unturned to give you and your family a clean indoor environment. 

Call @800TANZIIF today!

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