Upholstery Cleaning: Why is it essential?

Upholstery Cleaning: Why is it essential?

You read your favorite book on it, sometimes take a nap after a long tiring day, have the friends come over for a get-together, and gather around it with snacks and popcorn to watch that one movie everyone likes. Guess what we are talking about? 😕
Your furniture, and your furniture’s upholstery, to be more precise!

If the sneezes and coughs get you down, and prevent you from enjoying your home as you could…and should, then it’s high time to pay attention to your upholsteries. That’s right  : your sofas, chairs, ottomans, and anything else with fabric, needs to be deep cleaned regularly.

From your dining chairs to your favorite lounge chair, keeping your upholstery clean and in perfect condition should be on the very top of your to-do list. Here’s why and how you can keep your home happy, healthy, and squeaky clean all day long.

🧹Air Quality

Every time your furry friend sits or lies on your sofa or any upholstered furniture, they unknowingly release dust, dirt, hair, dander, and whatnot into your home. Yes, that’s true! Keeping your upholstery unchecked for a long period can fill it with dust, allergens, mold, mildew, or pet dander that can negatively affect the air quality of your home.

While good air filters and green plants can help filter out those allergens, however, removing them completely from the upholstery means they aren’t there to be picked up by the filter, to begin with. And, complete removal of allergens and dust is always ideal for a clean home which can only be done by professionals.

🙇 Health

Did you know? Allergens, dust mites, mold spores, and bacteria can perfectly hide in the fibers of your upholstery. If left unchecked for too long, it can cause a wide range of allergic symptoms. Also, if you have anyone with a sensitive immune system to dust or mold, this will only aggravate their allergies. Therefore, regular upholstery cleaning can drastically reduce the presence of these irritants and in turn, helps to keep your home safe and secure.

💨 Odor

From engaging in countless movie nights to eating dozens of TV dinners, fighting off illnesses, and watching hundreds of TV shows, the family couch is where a lot happens. Moreover, for most families, the living room furniture becomes the favorite spot for homework or running an at-home business, and you can bet it is your pet’s favorite spot to wait for you to come home.

Clearly, a lot happens around your furniture, and sometimes it becomes too obvious because of the odor and pungent smell across the room. Moreover, cooking odors have a way of staying on your upholstery, which also contributes to an unpleasant smell. However, upholstery cleaning helps remove those odors by eliminating the source altogether.


Are your chairs and couch fading in color and not seeming as attractive as it was when you bought them? Since your upholstery is one of the most popular spots in your home, it can take a beating, which is why cleaning it is so important! Not only will it eliminate dust and hidden mold spores, but it can brighten up even the most faded furniture and restore it ‘just like new’ again.

You can trust TANZIIF to handle your Upholstery with care!

At Tanziif, our cleaning process entails removing all the dirt and stains that build up over time. We use certified cleaning agents and equipment to get rid of the embedded dirt without damaging your upholstery fabric or sofa, helping it look new and last longer. 

We use steam cleaning and UV sanitization light with industrial-grade equipment to prevent the growth of harmful living organisms on your sofa. Contact us @TANZIIF today to schedule your upholstery cleaning.

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