Intense sandstorm sweeping through UAE? Keep your Air conditioning system in check!

Intense sandstorm sweeping through UAE? Keep your Air conditioning system in check!

With the UAE experiencing some of the worst sandstorms we have seen in recent years there is huge concern about the Air Quality Index (AQI) and the impact on our health.

During and after the sandstorms we are usually taking care to eliminate the visible dust and sand accumulating in parts of our home but are you making sure to check your ac ducts? Most of us

feel the effects of the bad Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) experiencing symptoms such as watery eyes, itchiness, cough and sneezing.

What do you do?

For starters, clean the dust from the surfaces, clear out debris from the balconies, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the carpets. 

But, that does not solve the problem completely. The dust that directly entered your home’s air conditioning system requires equal and immediate attention too. Dust and sand from sandstorms can easily sweep into homes, even well-sealed ones, and apparently, can damage your AC units.

The dust that gets clogged into the HVAC system can also cause efficiency and reliability problems if it doesn’t get treated on time. Moreover, your AC unit has to work harder with the dirt and buildup that’s clogging the air flowing through the coils. It won’t usually stop functioning outright, but it can cause some major problems in the future.

From clogged AC filters to overloaded coils, the summer heat combined with sandstorms can cause various issues in your AC units.

However, homeowners know that air conditioner maintenance is the key to surviving a long hot summer in UAE. Not only will a clean AC unit give out clean air, but it can also save you from increased energy bills and improve the efficiency of your AC unit.

Sandstorms in the UAE can be a pain but there are some precautions to take and steps you can take to minimize their effect on your ACs when they do come around. Let’s see-

👉 Hire a professional AC cleaning service after a sandstorm

Over time, the AC duct gathers dust and this gets mixed with moisture and dirt causing the dust and dirt to form a layer around the duct. This problem gets aggravated during sandstorms as sand particles enter the duct.

👉 AC Deep Cleaning Service after sandstorms

For those of us living in villas, this problem can be worse with dust entering from the ducts and it’s highly advisable to opt for a full AC System Cleaning, especially after a dust storm. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to use a professional service provider.

👉 Increase ventilation of your home

After a sandstorm, some dust can still hang around your living spaces. Chances are, your AC will suck in these particles and the air ducts can get clogged. To avoid recurrence, you are advised to increase the ventilation vents of your house to reduce the load of impurities that are meant to be expelled by the AC system. In addition, create an outlet for air that flows in and not necessarily leaves through the AC.

👉 Clean the air filters

Cleaning the air filters is paramount when an extensive sandstorm passes through. If you have a permanent filter, ensure it is cleaned properly after a sandstorm. Ensure to check that the filter is not damaged and if needed replace the filter if it is very old.

How can Tanziif help?

After a sandstorm, get in touch with Tanziif for professional AC Cleaning Services. We provide a FREE INSPECTION and ensure to provide a tailor-made cleaning experience to ensure good IAQ in your home. You can choose from our option of a Full AC System Deep Cleaning or an AC Duct Cleaning. Our detailed cleaning process ensures that your home is dust and mold free. 
Tanziif team comprises NADCA ( certified technicians specializing in AC Cleaning and Mold Removal/Remediation. We have provided AC Cleaning to more than 12,000+ customers with a 4.9 Google Rating. Get in touch with us on 800 8269443 (TANZIIF) for a FREE CONSULTATION today!


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