It will never look dirty until you get it cleaned.

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Enough of the dirty walk!

When was the last time you cleaned your carpet?

Don’t seem to remember? Here’s a not-so-fun fact for you

A carpet’s surface is a germ hotspot and can be 4,000 times dirtier than toilet seats. Yes, the dirt and dust that is transferred on to a carpet by our shoes will lead to a germ build-up over time. Get in touch with us today for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Why do you require professional carpet cleaning?

It’s dirty and we know it!

Daily vacuuming won’t help when it comes to making your carpet germ and dirt-free. The germs linger in there until you get it deep cleaned and sanitized with the right cleaning agents and equipment. Let us lend you a hand in cleaning it thoroughly.

Not something you change on a regular basis.

Whether it’s a classic or a contemporary one, we understand that carpets are not something one changes frequently. It’s an investment and you want it to last! These microorganisms can damage your carpet if not tackled at the right time and we understand your concerns regarding the safety of it, that is why we take all the precautions and make sure the cleaning process is damage free.

Not just clean, we sanitize too!

We are protective of your carpet and overprotective of your health. Besides deep cleaning, we sanitize your carpet to ensure that it is absolutely free of harmful pathogens.

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Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process

We use specialized equipment and take extra care of the fabric of your sofa while cleaning it.

Our cleaning process removes all the dirt and stains that build up over time. We use certified cleaning agents and vacuuming with industrial-grade equipment to get rid of the embedded dirt without damaging your upholstery fabric or sofa.

Why Choose Us

We are NADCA Certified

We are Certified

All our technicians are properly trained & certified

Safety First

Safety First

Before the team executes the job, a standard safety check & briefing are a standard protocol

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The team at Tanziif has more than 10+ years of experience in the GCC region

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

We have a 30 point detailed checklist to ensure that we don’t miss a thing, and our team contacts you well in advance for your next service

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