Sanitization and Disinfection

Date: January 2021

The organizers for the Australian Open Qualifiers held in Dubai contracted Tanziif from the 4th to 13th January 2021 to provide sanitization and disinfection services against Covid 19 to ensure strict compliance in accordance with Covid guidelines of Australian Open (AO), Dubai Municipality (DM) & the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Although the event did not have a live audience we are happy to share that the event went off smoothly adhering to the highest safety standards.

Data Center Cleaning

Date: October 2020

Tanziif was contracted to do a detailed deep cleaning for the Data Center at a soon to be commissioned HQ for a major airline in the UAE measuring 144365 sq.ft. Tanziif executed the scope of work which needed the cleaning in accordance with ISO 14644 Class 8 standards using ISO 140001 certified cleaning chemicals. The entire cleaning and assessment was scheduled for 10 working days but the Tanziif team managed to complete this within 7 days using equipment in accordance with IEC60312 international standards. The job was verified with a laboratory testing & report of conformity test in accordance with ISO 14644 Class 8 standards for the data hall.

Deep Cleaning

Date: July 2020

One of the largest fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat wholesaler and distributor in the region contracted Tanziif for a sensitive deep cleaning job which needed a detailed cleaning of 21 cold storage rooms along with common areas in their 130,000 sq.ft. head office and cold storage warehouse. The scope of work required our team to do a clean up job after a major leak which caused temporary disruption of the client’s operations. Tanziif worked with the client to ensure that the entire clean up was completed in a time of 10 working days ensuring that operations could be resumed in a safe manner.

Sanitization and Disinfection

Date: January 2020

In the early days of the Covid 19 pandemic a major sports venue for Horse and Camel racing with other sporting facilities contracted Tanziif for a detailed sanitization and disinfection prior to a  competition. This was one of the first sanitization job of this scale in the UAE as a precaution against the Covid 19 pandemic

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