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Why should you let us do the draining work?

Both commercial and residential areas have drain lines that link to either the local sewage system or a septic tank. These drain lines are very critical, so they need to function effectively. These lines get clogged due to waste that gets flushed down our toilets or washbasins. Grease, sludge and dirt are other issues that might cause the drain to be blocked. We provide professional services to clean your drainpipe. Our well-trained hygiene specialists inspect the blocked drains and propose the best solution to any form of drain blockages. It is essential to get your drain pipes cleaned periodically to ensure that all the water that goes through your home or building flows without any issues.

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Our Cleaning Process

CCTV inspection

We begin by inspecting the interior of the drains with the assistance of a specialized machine that would take the CCTV camera approximately 2 meters down to analyze the pipe and determine the required method for cleaning.

High pressured water jetting

Afterwards, our team proceeds to use our water jet machine with numerous nozzles that use high pressure in all directions, to unblock the drainpipe and eliminate the excess waste accumulated to restore the drain to full flow.

Final report

A detailed report containing all the statistics is given within 2 to 3 days after completion of the cleaning process.

Why Choose Us

We are NADCA Certified

We are Certified

All our technicians are properly trained & certified

Safety First

Safety First

Before the team executes the job, a standard safety check & briefing are a standard protocol

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The team at Tanziif has more than 10+ years of experience in the GCC region

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

We have a 30 point detailed checklist to ensure that we don’t miss a thing, and our team contacts you well in advance for your next service

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