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Get professional grout cleaning done with us!

Call: 800 TANZIIF (8269443)

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Tried all the DIY grout cleaning methods but no luck? We can help! Tiles and grouts get ignored during the daily cleaning, and the flooring starts to lose its luster. Once the dirt and dust settle into the grout, no amount of scrubbing is sufficient to bring back its shine.

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Tiles that were once a dirty sight will be groomed to enhance the overall appearance of your space. We deep clean the tiles and remove the harmful bacteria that reside in the grouts.

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Our Cleaning Process

A thorough inspection

Before we initiate the cleaning process, we closely look into the material of tile and then come up with a suitable cleaning process.

Cleaning process

The team further uses a mixture of specialized chemicals as well as pH solutions in the grout and allows it to remain for about 10 minutes, aiming to extract the dirt.

Deep cleaning

We then use advanced equipment that uses high power and hot water to wash the tile to grout to extract most of the dirt.

Protective sealing

Immediately after the cleaning process, sealers are added to the grout lines to create a protective barrier.

Post cleaning

Our team re-analyzes the floor or wall and make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned so that you are pleased with the outcome.

Why Choose Us

We are NADCA Certified

We are Certified

All our technicians are properly trained & certified

Safety First

Safety First

Before the team executes the job, a standard safety check & briefing are a standard protocol

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The team at Tanziif has more than 10+ years of experience in the GCC region

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

We have a 30 point detailed checklist to ensure that we don’t miss a thing, and our team contacts you well in advance for your next service

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