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A healthy and happy home has no place for mold formation.

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Your expensive clothes require that extra care.

Act at once if you see signs of mold formation in your home or around your cupboard.

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With the use of the right equipment and a team of skilled NADCA certified technicians, Tanziif provides advanced eco-friendly cleaning services for your homes.

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Our Services

With our skilled team of certified NADCA technicians, we provide thorough cleaning using the right equipment. We are approved by Dubai Municipality and we are one of the finest and most cost-effective cleaning service providers in Dubai.

Disinfection and Sanitisation

Due to COVID-19 breakout, it is imperative to take certain precautions to avoid being infected. Disinfection and sanitisation will help you maintain the utmost hygiene in your indoor environment. Tanziif cares about your health and safety and we use Dubai Municipality approved disinfectants to disinfect and sanitize the environment as per standard cleaning guidelines.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

HVAC Cleaning Dubai / Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai / AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai is important in order to enhance the quality of our lives. The indoor air quality is of paramount importance to our health. Inside of HVAC systems get clogged over time which affects the quality of the indoor air, therefore periodic maintenance of the HVAC system is imperative.

Mold Removal

Tanziif LLC is a certified Mould / Mold removal company in the UAE. We create healthy indoor environments and improve air quality through a range of services including mold remediation, AC duct cleaning, and total surface protection through disinfection and sanitization, thereby preventing mold from re-appearing and totally eliminating the danger caused by mold growth in any given area most especially residential ones.

Water Tank Cleaning Services

Love to keep your home clean? Then you should consider cleaning the water tank! Without regular purification and checks, your tank may become home to various types of pathogens that can seriously endanger the health of your loved ones. Tanziif is a one-stop solution in Dubai for complete water tank cleaning services. Our water tank cleaning process starts with the inspection of your water tank, followed by a detailed report and consultation based on our inspection.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Hood Cleaning is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of the commercial kitchens. Left unclean, kitchen exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease to become extreme fire hazards. The effects of grease build-up within a kitchens extraction system will also affect the performance of the system and will limit the amount of air that it can extract. This grease-filled air will then circulate within the kitchen, creating an unsafe, poorly ventilated kitchen with poor indoor air quality.

Why Choose Us

We are NADCA Certified

We are NADCA Certified

All our technicians are properly trained & certified by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)

Safety First

Safety First

Before the team executes the job, a standard safety check & briefing are a standard protocol

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The team at Tanziif has more than 8+ years of experience in the GCC region

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

Our Service Delivery & Follow Up

We have a 30 point detailed checklist to ensure that we don’t miss a thing, and our team contacts you well in advance for your next service

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