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We’ve got you covered with our “Premium Upholstery Cleaning” package!

Mattress, Sofa, and Carpet cleaning is one task that does not make it to the daily cleaning checklist whether it's about your workplace or home. But did you know that besides being a repulsive sight, the germs and viruses that develop on the surface can actually harm your health? Don’t let these unseen pathogens wreak havoc on your health! Book our “Premium Upholstery Cleaning” package which is tailor-made to keep your mattress, sofa, and carpet allergen-free.

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Our Cleaning Process

We are a certified professional cleaning company and offer sofa, carpet, and mattress cleaning and sanitization services that are eco-friendly and chemical-free.There’s minimal drying time required after the process and we ensure your mattress, sofa, and carpet exudes no chemical or unpleasant odour. We use steam cleaning and UV sanitisation light with industrial-grade equipment to prevent the growth of harmful living organisms.

Why do you require professional Mattresses, Sofa, and Carpet cleaning?

Get rid of the unpleasant stains and odour years

You are clumsy and we know it! And who’s not? We all are guilty of making spills but guess what! You can reverse all the damage by reaching out to the right professional cleaning company. So, scroll down and fill out the form to get in touch with us!

It’s as dear to us as for you!

Cleaning hacks/DIYs are all fun and games until something goes wrong! Trying some cleaning experiments you learned online may damage the upholstery in more ways than you could imagine. We ensure that we use specialised cleaning agents according to the fabric type so that your upholstery stays intact after the cleaning process.

Not just clean, we make it safe!

We are protective of your sofa and overprotective of your health. Besides deep cleaning, we perform steam cleaning and UV sanitization with industrial-grade equipment to ensure no germs and viruses remain on the surface.

We’ve got your back!

Clean mattress = improved sleep quality. Don’t trust that? Here’s a fact- on average, a human spends 1/3rd of his life in bed. Isn’t that enough time to catch possible infections? Do the thing! Reach us for a professional deep cleaning and sanitization of your mattress.

Our “Premium Upholstery Cleaning” package includes

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