Garbage Chute Cleaning

Garbage Chute Cleaning & Maintenance

When garbage is discarded into the garbage chute, bags tend to open or rip on their way down. When this happens, wet garbage clings to the inner walls and dry garbage sticks to the wet garbage creating fire risks, bacteria/virus build up, and extreme odour problems. Depending on your cleaning plan, we clean and deodorise the chute to restore the garbage chute back to its original state.

De-greasing, jet-washing, and sanitization of garbage disposal system, including chutes, access hatches, and compactors, using Dubai- Municipality-approved chemicals.


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Tanziif are fully equipped skilled and experienced in the Garbage Chute cleaning, we continually strive to improve cleaning standards through improved staff training, planning, project management and logistics, the use of innovative cleaning technologies, and ensuring environmental responsibility. From the deepest dirtiest corners of your Garbage chute system, to the underground water tanks, and from the parapet roof to the basement car park slab.

We are a complete and comprehensive specialist cleaning Services Company that has so much to offer.

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