Laundry Duct Cleaning

Laundry Duct Cleaning

Whether residentialor commercial, we provide laundry duct cleaning services per NADCA standards.Once thecleaning is completed,weprovide a comprehensive project report showcasing the before and after cleaning pictures.

Cleaning of laundry duct using HEPA-filtered collection equipment, manual cleaning, air & power-driven agitation equipment, and Dubai Municipality-approved chemicals.


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Every commercial laundry, hotels or otherwise, has a duct or series of ducts (the complete exhaust system) that remove the hot, moisture-laden air from dryers and exhaust it outdoors on the roof or via an outside wall. This hot air is filled with lint particles that, over time, deposit inside the duct. Lint can stack up until it is inches thick. If ignored, it can cause an explosive combination of flammable material in an enclosed space and oxygen easily permeates to it. Buildup of lint can also lead to blockages within the extraction system and putting a load on the extraction fan may lead to blown motors and increased energy consumption. Regular Laundry Duct Cleaning is needed to remove the accumulation and thereby prevent any other hazard associated to the poor maintenance of laundry duct.

Tanziif recommends that cleaning be done every 6 months to avoid excessive lint build up. As every premises will have various levels of laundry cleaning volume here are some key indicators that you may be due for cleaning:

The common signs that a laundry duct exhaust needs cleaning include:

  • Clothes taking too long to dry.
  • Excess lint buildup in the ducts, which can be a fire hazard.
  • Dryer units automatically turning off because the heat is not exhausting.
  • Fire dampers in the ducts may malfunction.
  • Higher concentrations of lint in the indoor air.
  • Rusting of the ducts from holding wet lint for long periods.

Clogged Laundry chutes reduce efficiency of the laundry extraction, use up more electricity as motors strain to exhaust and are a major fire risk for the property. 

In addition, the excessive lint trapped in the exhaust duct, and the lint remaining in the atmosphere of the laundry room will become a health risk for employees, leading to tiredness, sickness and absenteeism.

Our skilled technicians will cut additional access panels as required for safe access and effective laundry duct cleaning. We will work as fast as possible to reduce your laundry downtime.

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