Sales Manager

Sales managers are responsible for leading sales teams to reach sales targets. Sales managers are primarily tasked with hiring and training team members, setting quotas, evaluating and adjusting performance, and developing processes that drive sales.

Responsibilities for Sales Manager

  • Recruit, hire, and train sales team
  • Set sales goals, compare performance to goals, and adjust goals as needed
  • Assess current team processes and procedures, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement them
  • Develop individual quotas and assign territories for team members
  • Provide detailed and accurate sales forecasts
  • Coach, mentor, and provide feedback to team members
  • Foster a competitive yet collaborative team environment
  • Assess individual performance through observation and measurement, and suggest corrective actions as needed
  • Daily, Monthly report of Revenue by Salesperson, Conversion Rate, Average Sales Cycle Length, Response Time, Total Lifetime Value of a Customer and Lead Aging
  • Strategic planning of new Ad’s for marketing.
  • Explore and registration of the organization on new develops product and services.
  • Develop new MSRA, technical guidelines and required documents for registration and submission to costumer.
  • Able to participate and close tender requirements.

Qualifications for Sales Manager

  • 5 years of experience in technical sales with engineering background
  • Able to read and estimate drawing layouts
  • Good knowledge of local and international guidelines.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to lead a team to meet quotas
  • Excellent leadership skills and team player
  • Experience setting sales goals

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